A&S in the News: November 1-7, 2020

Mail-in Voting

So you mailed your ballot. Now what?: Crimson White – Nov. 1

Absentee ballots have been just as controversial as they have been necessary in this election cycle. … Because mail-in voting is a new method for many Americans, it’s likely that some will incorrectly fill out their ballots and will not be counted on Election Day. Richard Fording, a political science professor from The University of Alabama, projected that there will be a “non-trivial amount of votes that are not counted due to filling voters filling out their ballots incorrectly.”

Voter Turnout

‘I want no part in their election’: Why some Alabama students won’t bother voting: Crimson White – Nov. 1

“I think we generally find that people who don’t participate in politics or who opt out sometimes view the two parties as being one in the same and that neither is acceptable,” said Richard Fording, a UA political science professor. “There’s also an attitude that a lot of people have that politicians and elected officials are not responsive to ordinary people. They feel like their voice is not going to be heard.” Fording said America has one of the lowest voter turnout rates of democratic countries. He also said that while The University of Alabama has comparable student voting registration numbers to other national universities, the University also has a lower voter turnout rate on Election Day.

Poll Stations

UA students and faculty to offer free rides to the polls: ABC 33/40 – Nov. 2

Dr. Rebecca Allen is a psychology professor at The University of Alabama. She and a large group of her students signed up to give people free rides to the polls. The pandemic has caused a lot of economic hardship for people, and so having the free ride to the polls organized with the churches and community groups to me is just fundamental to being a good citizen.

UA Theatre

How to do live theatre in the time of COVID: WBHM-FM – Nov. 2

Dominique Yeager is director of arts management at The University of Alabama. He says holding shows with reduced capacity is not sustainable long-term and nonprofits should avoid relying too much on donors.

Voting Experience

Long lines at the polls: CBS 42 – Nov. 3

Most folks tell us overall it was a good experience, but waiting two to three hours was difficult. Earlier we spoke with a voter from Ireland, and it’s her first time voting in the United States. She is a history professor at The University of Alabama. She says today was frustrating. “It is what it is but I am not leaving, I tried to vote last week and waited three hours and wasn’t able to do it at the Tuscaloosa courthouse. I know people look at these lines with great enthusiasm and it’s great, but there should be a different system for voting.”
The Tuscaloosa News

Election Updates

UA political science professor gives commentary on election (Live Interview): WVUA – Nov. 3

Joining us is associate professor of political science at The University of Alabama, Dr. Allen Linken, with Lynn brooks. Going into the late hours what are you watching for? What are you keying in on going into these late hours? So, all of those states that you mentioned at the top, those are states that we expected to go red or blue…
WVUA – Nov. 4
WVUA – Nov. 5
Fox 6 – Nov. 5

Civil War Veterans

History for Lunch presentation features African American Civil War veterans: Coastland Times – Nov. 7

The Museum of the Albemarle will host the second monthly History for Lunch from Home on Wednesday, November 18 at noon. Dr. Hilary Green, associate professor of history in the Department of Gender and Race Studies at University of Alabama will discuss Veterans, Comrades, and Leaders: African American Civil War Veterans in Northeastern North Carolina. Green will offer an overview of the ways that African American veterans of the Civil War leveraged the Civil War service through parades, participation in the Grand Army of the Republic and other activities.