A&S in the News: October 25-31, 2020

UA Opera Theatre

Mozart in masks: UA Opera soars into a new semester: Crimson White – Oct. 25

Along Capital Park’s grassy plain, an audience sat patiently on an assortment of lawn chairs and blankets last Sunday as they waited for UA Opera Theatre’s in-person debut. … As the last ensemble finished their piece, Houghtaling took the stage to offer his closing remarks to the audience. “Thank you, my friends, for being here. We hope this is the first of many opportunities we get to perform for you,” he said.

Fall Commencement

University of Alabama sets date for Fall commencement: WVUA – Oct. 26

The University of Alabama will host fall commencement Saturday, Dec. 12 at Coleman Coliseum on UA’s campus. More than 2,000 graduates will attend four different ceremonies.

Undocumented Immigrants

Undocumented immigrants may actually make American communities safer – not more dangerous – new study finds: Yahoo! – Oct. 27

This article… was written by… Lesley Reid, Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice and Interim Dean of the School of Social Work, University of Alabama
Greenwich Time
The Bozeman Daily Chronicle
New Haven Register
Idaho Press-Tribune
…and many more

Hurricane Season

UA professor says it’s “unusual” to have a late-season hurricane in the Gulf of Mexico: WVUA – Oct. 27

Jason Senkbeil, an associate professor of geology at The University of Alabama, says late hurricanes aren’t uncommon, but ones that hit the Gulf Coast are. “As we get into November, they go into Florida because as they leave the tropics and begin to interact with the mid-latitude winds, they get pushed out to sea away from the United States as we get late in the season. So for one to hit the central Gulf Coast this late in the year is a little unusual.”

Split Ticket Voters

Split ticket voters continue to swing North Carolina elections: Blue Ridge Public Radio – Oct. 27

… “That is a very unique response for someone who has historically been a split ticket voter,” Dr. Nicholas Davis, a political scientist at The University of Alabama, said. He’s written about the psyche of split ticket voters and says anger can be a powerful enough emotion to change someone’s behavior at the ballot box.

Fundraising Year

UA nets $222M from donors, breaking previous record: Tuscaloosa Patch – Oct. 27

The University of Alabama on Tuesday reported the highest fundraising year to-date during its last fiscal year, pulling in $222 million from nearly 60,000 donors. UA says the 2019-2020 fiscal year saw an increase of $19 million from the previous year, while also marking the third consecutive fiscal year of fundraising efforts topping $200 million.
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Dance Alabama!

Dance Alabama! returns to the stage with Fall 2020 virtual concert: Broadway World – Oct. 28

A candid and courageous collection of choreographic works, Dance Alabama! returns to the stage with a captivating combination of styles ranging from contemporary to jazz by The University of Alabama’s talented student choreographers. Viewing access to Dance Alabama! can be secured through their ticketing system, ua.universitytickets.com, beginning Monday November 9th, free of charge with a recommended gift of $20 to UA Theatre and Dance.

Galaxy Pair

Hubble finds ‘Greater Pumpkin’ galaxy pair: NASA – Oct. 29

The galaxy pair was similar to objects tagged by the citizen-science project Galaxy Zoo, where volunteers go hunting for oddball-looking galaxies. Astronomer William Keel, of The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa, included several of these in the “Gems of the Galaxy Zoos” Hubble program, which is observing several kinds of rare galaxies during short gaps between other scheduled Hubble observations. The Hubble image brought out new details of the close encounter.

Senate Race

UA political science professor says Jones has an uphill battle: NBC (Montgomery) – Oct. 29

The political outsider resonates with Alabamians, who overwhelmingly voted one into the White House in 2016. University of Alabama political expert Joe Smith says policy is not necessarily what is going to win this election. “If you’re a Republican and you have President Trump’s endorsement in Alabama, those two factors determine the general election.” Smith says it’s an uphill battle for Jones with polls showing a comfortable Tuberville lead.
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First Amendment

Twitter marks misleading posts ahead of election: WVUA – Oct. 29

Dr. Allen Linken, assistant professor of political science at The University of Alabama, said Twitter isn’t harming any aspect of the first amendment with these rules. “As a private business, they can, with some constraints, set what speech is permissible and impermissible,” said Linken. “They can say that they will allow one type of speech but not another.”