A&S in the News: August 16-22, 2020

Million Dollar Band

Changes to Million Dollar Band performances: ABC (Huntsville) – Aug. 18

New information on how another piece of football season will look different this year! This is video from previous performances from The University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band. Today, a north Alabama native who’s a member of the group told us their season has been drastically changed, with adjustments to the number of practices and performances.

Student on COVID-19

‘I don’t want anyone to go through what I went through’: UA student on COVID-19: ABC 33/40 – Aug. 20

For John Dodd, things have not been the same since early June. Dodd, from Winfield and in his junior year at The University of Alabama, where he double majors in political science and public relations, has been finding himself getting out of breath randomly. Recently, he went on a hike and found himself needing to take a lot of breaks, which he normally never had to do.
NBC 13

The Yangtze

Five things to know about the Yangtze’s devastating floods: Caixin (China) – Aug. 20

…reduced and alleviated, said David Shankman, a professor emeritus at the University of Alabama who is an expert on flooding in…

Democratic National Convention

Allen Linken comments on Democratic National Convention: Fox 6 – Aug. 21

To break things to down from the 4-night event, a professor at The University of Alabama, Dr. Allen Linken joins us now.

Obesity and COVID-19

Scientists find a strong link between this health problem and COVID-19 death: Nonperele – Aug. 21

In a new study, researchers found the prevalence of obesity in a population is linked to negative outcomes from COVID-19. They found a strong link between the prevalence of morbid obesity and cases of—and deaths from—COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. The researchers suggest their findings can help identify resources needed for obese patients and inform mitigation policies. The research was conducted by a team at The University of Alabama.  Obesity is known to increase the risk from respiratory infections and hinder pulmonary function, and there’s an emerging pattern in the treatment of COVID-19 patients that obesity is a pervasive problem and linked to negative health outcomes such as requiring a ventilator.
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