A&S in the News: July 19-25, 2020

Alabama’s Biodiversity

New research center showcases Alabama’s diversity: Bham Now – July 22

It seems like we have a hard time appreciating how rich Alabama really is, and how important it is to the rest of the country. But the research going on at the Paint Rock Forest Research Center in northeast Alabama could change that. Now, in a valley surrounding the Paint Rock River in the northeastern corner of the state, there’s a new effort underway to understand just how rich Alabama is. Scientists from UCLA, Harvard, Clemson and University of Georgia are developing research programs with scientists from Alabama A&M, University of Alabama, University of West Alabama, Jacksonville State University and others.

Tick Bite

9 foolproof tricks to avoid tick-borne illnesses—including one that’s more dangerous than lyme: MSN – July 22

If you are planning to hike or spend time in a park or recreational area, ask a forest ranger or another official about the current tick situation, says tick expert John Abbott, PhD, director of museum research and collections at The University of Alabama Museums in Tuscaloosa. (Here’s why you should never ignore a tick bite—or any of these bug bites.)

Building Names

Why the debate over building names matter: Al.com – July 23

By Dr. John M. Giggie and Dr. James D. Mixson… We are confronting in particular how our buildings and monuments project an understanding of the past that is at odds with our aspirations to live in a democratic society that carefully honors its citizens. There is no better example of this than the names given to the proud structures that guard the quad on our campus at The University of Alabama.

Pandemic Response

Why doesn’t everyone want to wear a mask during a pandemic?: Al.com – July 23

Back in March, a psychology researcher at The University of Alabama began a study, funded by a $65,000 National Science Foundation grant, to look at how about 1,000 people around the country were responding to the coronavirus pandemic. Philip Gable, associate professor of psychology, has since moved to the University of Delaware, but the study will continue through the year.

Edmund Pettus

Who was Edmund Pettus? Selma bridge got its name from Confederate general, KKK leader: USA Today – July 24

… Pettus “was deeply invested in electing congressmen and senators to Washington who would protect this idea of endangered white power,” said John Giggie, associate professor of history at The University of Alabama and director of the Summersell Center for the Study of the South.
Daily Magazine

Harper Lee Prize

Victor Methos wins 2020 Harper Lee Prize for “The Hallows”: Alabama News Center – July 25

Victor Methos, author of “The Hallows,” will receive The University of Alabama School of Law’s 2020 Harper Lee Prize for Legal Fiction during an online ceremony.
Alabama Weather Blog