A&S in the News: July 12-18, 2020

Independence City Hall

FBI continues scrutiny of independence, requests more records from city government: Kansas City Star – July 13

The FBI has once again requested records from Independence City Hall… Luke Hunt, a former FBI agent who teaches jurisprudence and criminal law at The University of Alabama, said it is impossible to know how far along the FBI is in any investigation it may be involved in.

Three Gorges Dam

Devastating China flooding puts controversial Three Gorges Dam under new scrutiny: Fox News – July 15

“One of the major justifications for the Three Gorges Dam was flood control, but less than 20 years after its completion we have the highest floodwater in recorded history,” David Shankman, a geographer with The University of Alabama who studies Chinese floods, told Reuters. “The fact is that it cannot prevent these severe events.
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Xa Luan (Hanoi, Vietnam)
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Confederate Monuments

Whose history?: Gulf Times – July 16

Last month, dozens of protesters squared off against 50 police officers in riot gear at the Georgia Capitol and began to chant. “Tear down Gordon! Tear down Gordon!” University of Alabama history professor Hilary Green was succinct.
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Edmund Pettus Bridge

More than 398,000 people have now signed a petition to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge after late civil rights icon Rep.John Lewis: Yahoo! Sports – July 18

Already existing calls to rename the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma, Alabama — the site of a violent clash between police and peaceful civil rights demonstrators in 1965 — has grown following the death of civil rights leader Rep. John Lewis. “The bridge was named for him, in part, to memorialize his history, of restraining and imprisoning African-Americans in their quest for freedom after the Civil War,” University of Alabama history professor John Giggie told Smithsonian. After the civil rights leader died Friday, social media lit up with calls to rename the historic landmark.
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