A&S in the News: June 7-13, 2020


This is why some galaxies have a green glow, even though there are no green stars: Forbes – June 8

One of astronomy’s biggest surprises came in 2007, when a mysterious green object was found. (Photos provided by UA).

Periodical Cicadas

Millions of cicadas are coming to the East coast: WVUA – June 10

Millions of cicadas are about to swarm the East Coast. Don’t panic! It’s totally normal. These cicadas, known as periodical cicadas, have been 6 feet underground for 17 years. From June to August, they will come above ground in waves in Virginia, West Virginia and North Carolina. “The numbers we’re talking about are millions of periodical cicadas in the range of about 1.5 million per acre,” Dr. John Abbott said. Abbott is the director of museum research and collections at The University of Alabama. “I’m sure some people will equate their emergence to an apocalyptic plague unfortunately, but it is what it is.”
Alabama News Center

Confederate Monuments

Confederate monuments are coming down across the country – and historians aren’t surprised: Mental Floss – June 12

As the nation begins to reckon with the systemic racism that led to the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and far too many others, many Americans are lobbying officials to remove the monuments that have long glorified the racist Confederate cause. “African Americans never accepted those monuments when they were put up. Even during the height of Jim Crow, you have examples of children walking to school, spitting on them; throwing rocks on them,” Dr. Hilary N. Green, an associate professor of history at The University of Alabama, tells Mental Floss. “But the city officials wouldn’t listen to them.”
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Coronavirus Pandemic

This is why you have no idea what day it is anymore: Best Life – June 12

One of the oddest and most universal aspects of life during the coronavirus pandemic is that you might feel like you’ve been social distancing forever—or that you just started yesterday. If it seems that time has lost all meaning, to the extent that you’re often not even sure what day it is anymore, you’re not alone. Along with a research team at The University of Alabama, Gable surveyed people’s emotional responses to the coronavirus pandemic.

Virtual Black Box

UA Theatre and Dance hosts virtual black box: Broadway World – June 13

While The University of Alabama Department Theatre and Dance takes a dramatic pause from live theatre, the department is excited to announce its Virtual Black Box video series. Each week the department will release a theatre or dance video starting June 15, each Monday and Friday. The videos can be found on our YouTube channel – UA Theatre Dance. Following each video, the department will host a live meet and greet session with the choreographers, directors or actors each Tuesday and Thursday starting June 18.

Crab Nebula

University of Alabama assists in detection of Crab Nebula gamma rays using innovative telescope: Alabama News Center – June 13

Researchers at The University of Alabama are part of an international team of scientists that used a prototype telescope to detect energetic gamma rays from the Crab Nebula, the remnant of a supernova explosion, opening doors for future discoveries.