A&S in the News: April 26 – May 2, 2020

Leave It To Us

UA student starts Leave It To Us organization, which is now nationwide: WBBM-AM (Chicago) – April 30

Michael Arundel was home from The University of Alabama on spring break when older relatives needed help getting groceries. He asked a few of his friends to pitch in.

Opera Theatre

Serenades bring joy in lonely times: Tuscaloosa News – April 30

In romantic plays and films, serenades waft through thrown-wide windows of an intended on a calm night, the singer down below, accompanied quietly by a plucked portable instrument, such as a lute or guitar. … University of Alabama opera students, led by Paul Houghtaling, head of the program, have used phone and videoconferencing to check in on friends, especially members of the UA Opera Guild, and those on emailing lists. Calls end in a song, either a familiar aria, by request, a hymn, or something entirely improvised.

Earth’s Magnetic Fields

4.2 billion-year-old clues to the origins of Earth’s magnetic fields: Sci Tech Daily – April 30

The existence of a magnetic field beyond 3.5 billion years ago is still up for debate. Microscopic minerals excavated from an ancient outcrop of Jack Hills, in Western Australia, have been the subject of intense geological study, as they seem to bear traces of the Earth’s magnetic field reaching as far back as 4.2 billion years ago. That’s almost 1 billion years earlier than when the magnetic field was previously thought to originate, and nearly back to the time when the planet itself was formed.