Digital Honors: Jalen Johnson

Jalen Johnson
Jalen Johnson

Jalen Johnson is one of this year’s Dean’s Award of Merit winners. A senior from Selma, Alabama, Jalen majored in criminal justice and minored in general business.

What has been your favorite experience?

Serving as president of Future Black Law Student Association has been my favorite experience at The University of Alabama. Future Black Law Student Association has grown tremendously over the year, and I am more than proud of experiencing this growth. Future Black Law Student Association has expanded in the areas of members, networking, community service, and LSAT preparation. It is an overwhelming experience to mentor and lead students who are interested in pursuing a legal education. Overall, I am grateful for an opportunity to enhance the campus, our community, and myself.

What made you choose UA?

My decision to attend The University of Alabama was based on the resources given to maximize my opportunities and growth. The high school I attended was a majority of African Americans. I desired to go beyond my comfort zone and attend a university that would challenge me academically and culturally. I am ecstatic to say The University of Alabama has fulfilled all of my expectations. My mother is also an alumna of The University of Alabama, which influenced my decision.

What advice would you give to incoming students?

My advice to the incoming class of 2024 is to make the best of college, but always remember your purpose. We all start this journey of college with a distinct purpose, and it is imperative we stay true to that purpose. First and foremost, it is essential to stay focus and excel within your classes. Your grade point average is viewed as a reflection of who you are. Secondly, discover your niche on campus and in the community. Engage yourself in various opportunities that will aid in future success. By doing so, you will be able to develop yourself and others around you resulting in a well-rounded student. Last and most importantly, have fun and create memories while being the best you can be. These four years will be the most satisfying four years of your life.