A&S in the News: August 18-24, 2019

Universal Anger

Relieve the right anger, here’s the advice from a psychologist: Fimela (Indonesia) – Aug. 18

We need to understand first what really triggers anger. Dolf Zillmann, a psychologist from The University of Alabama, as quoted in the book Emotional Intelligence revealed that the trigger for universal anger is feeling threatened. These threats can be triggered not only by direct physical threats but, as more often the case, also by symbolic threats to self-esteem or dignity: to be treated unfairly or to be abused, reviled or belittled, frustrated while pursuing important goals.

Heat Waves

David Keellings
Dr. David Keellings

University of Alabama professor awarded grant to study heat waves: Alabama Political Reporter – Aug. 19

A University of Alabama assistant professor has received a grant that will help him study the deadly heat waves, which are becoming more frequent and more severe due to climate change. David Keellings, a climatologist and assistant professor of geography at The University of Alabama, was in Italy in June attending an outdoor wedding with his wife in over 100 degree weather, just as Europe was experiencing the first of two massive heat waves this summer.
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Million Dollar Band

Million Dollar Band prepares for season: CBS 42 – Aug. 19

The University of Alabama’s Million Dollar Band is getting ready for the start of college football. But the dangerous heat we’ve seen is having an impact on their practice.
CBS (Mobile) – Aug. 20

Medical Abuse

Mother who subjected child to 13 surgeries pleads guilty, but son’s future hangs in balance: D Magazine – Aug. 20

Ryan Crawford was driving with his son Christopher to Walmart last Friday when he told him the news. The day before, Christopher’s mother, Kaylene Bowen, appeared in Dallas County criminal court to plead guilty to a second-degree felony charge of recklessly causing injury to her child. As part of a deal with Dallas County prosecutors, the charge was reduced from a first-degree felony charge of intentionally injuring her child, and it carries a potential sentence of 2 to 20 years with the possibility of parole. The sentencing hearing will be held on Oct. 11. Rehabilitation is also difficult because few perpetrators ever admit that they intentionally harmed their child, says Mark Feldman, a clinical professor of psychiatry and adjunct professor of psychology at The University of Alabama and one of the country’s leading experts on medical abuse.

Corporate Responsibility

Consumer Confidential: CEOs say they care about consumers and workers. Propaganda experts are unimpressed: NWCable.net – Aug. 21

The Business Roundtable, an association of chief executives, on Monday issued what it called a “Statement on the Purpose of a Corporation,” intended to serve as a “modern standard for corporate responsibility.”  The statement was signed by 181 CEOs who professed to be committed to leading their companies “for the benefit of all stakeholders-customers, employees, suppliers, communities and shareholders.” They emphasized that this is a big deal because past pledges placed shareholders first, with the general idea being that if shareholders are doing well, everyone is doing well. Margaret Peacock, a history professor at The University of Alabama who studies propaganda, said the Business Roundtable is indulging in “a clear and pretty heavy-handed attempt” to obscure reality.
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Piano Fest

Kristjan Jarvi, Dudana Mazmanishvili among headlining artists of Tbilisi Piano Fest: Agenda.ge – Aug. 23

World-class artists including Kristjan Jarvi, Dudana Mazmanishvili and Edisher Savitski will join the opening of the traditional fall season of festivals and concerts in Georgia’s capital through the Tbilisi Piano Fest launching next week. . . .  Pianist and teacher Savitski, born in Tbilisi, is the winner of the International Piano-E-Competition and the Hilton Head International Piano Competition, among other honours. Praised for his performances by music critics including for South Bend Tribune and Yediot Ahronot, he teaches as assistant professor at The University of Alabama School of Music.