A&S in the News: July 28-August 3, 2019

Flood History

TVA and The University of Alabama prepares for future floodings: Flood News Today – July 29

The Tennessee Valley Authority and The University of Alabama are teaming up to fill in the blanks of flood history in the Tennessee Valley. Lisa Davis is an associate professor of geography at The University of Alabama who says they’re digging into the earth to find the history of past floods.
WHNT (Huntsville) – July 28
CBS 42 (Birmingham) – July 29
The Chattanoogan (Tennessee) – July 31

Irrigation-Fed Farming

Should irrigation-fed farming increase in the Deep South?: Business Alabama – July 29

Irrigation-fed farming is not as commonplace as the average person probably thinks it is, especially not in the humid and wet South. Seventeen western states in the U.S. make up three-quarters of all irrigated farmed acres, and in California nearly half of all farmland is irrigated, according to the latest federal data. In contrast, only about 4 percent of farmland is irrigated in Alabama, but the state is also the fourth wettest in the nation. A study being conducted by University of Alabama researchers will take a look at whether more irrigation could lead to a more robust agriculture industry.

Samoan Tattoos

Could getting a Samoan tattoo boost your immune system?: ABC News – July 30

A US anthropologist is in Samoa to investigate how traditional tattooing could strengthen the immune systems of some Pacific Islanders, and help ward off disease and sickness. Christopher Lynn from The University of Alabama believes his research may shine a light on the hidden health benefits of some of the Pacific’s oldest customs. He is currently collecting data from the world famous Sulu’ape family who use hand tools to tap the pe’a, traditional tattoos for men, or malu, traditional tattoos for women.

Straight Pride Trolls

The “Straight Pride” trolls are at the gate. So what’s Boston to do?: Boston Magazine – July 30

When news of August’s “Straight Pride” Parade first broke, you could almost hear the city’s collective groan rising from the streets. The plan, announced in late May during the run-up to Boston Pride, was for organizers to follow the same route trod by LGBTQ marchers through the historically gay enclave of the South End and on to City Hall, where they hoped to fly a pro-hetero flag. “These cities are chosen deliberately and precisely because they’re looking to provoke some kind of response, and to demonstrate that there’s no part of the country they are not willing to go,” says George Hawley, a University of Alabama associate professor who’s written books on the alt-right.

Democratic Debates

UA political scientist discusses Democratic debates: WVUA – July 30

The remaining democratic candidates will get their chance to debate tomorrow night. In tonight’s mix are Senators Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. University of Alabama professor and political science expert Dr. Allen Linken gave us his thoughts on tonight’s debate.
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – July 31

Mass Shootings

Not an unreasonable fear: Mass shootings like Gilroy Garlic Festival more numerous, deadly: USA Today – July 31

Sunday’s mass shooting at the Gilroy Garlic Festival is only the latest in the United States’ expanding list of attacks by disgruntled men that leave death and destruction in their wake. In an instant, an event mostly known for family fun, live music and garlic ice cream became linked to horror and sorrow – the latest sign of how randomized gun violence is spreading. In the last 10 years, America has entered a new and disturbing era of mass shootings. The number of incidents is increasing, according to FBI data, and they are becoming more deadly. While they often give lip service to wanting to give attention to a cause, “at its core it’s all really personal,” said Adam Lankford, a criminology professor at The University of Alabama who studies mass shootings.
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Border Patrol

Texas sheriff who stars on reality show fails to publicly address sexist images posted on Facebook by one of his top officers: Southern Poverty Law Center – Aug. 1

In early July, a secret Facebook group was discovered where border patrol agents joked about the deaths of migrants and posted lewd comments about members of Congress … “This is a very specific case that I’m kind of just shocked and horrified by, and that really takes a lot at this point for me,” said Erin Kearns, an assistant professor in the Department of  Criminology and Criminal Justice at The University of Alabama.