A&S in the News: November 4-10, 2018

The Capstone Horn Quartet

College news: November 4, 2018Tuscaloosa News – Nov. 4

University of Alabama: The Capstone Horn Quartet, also known as Tater and the Tots, is the first University of Alabama horn quartet to win the International Horn Society Summer Symposium Student Amateur Quartet Competition, which was held at Ball State University in Muncie, Indiana.  . . . In one of the culminating events of the degree program at The University of Alabama, Bachelor of Fine Arts candidate Jennifer Gault of Northport, is featured in an exhibition titled “Raw & Unfinished Business.” Jennifer Gault’s BFA concentrations are in sculpture and ceramics, with an anthropology minor.

Native American Heritage

UA Crossroads honors Native American heritageCrimson White – Nov. 5

In Tuscaloosa, Native American culture has shaped the area for nearly one thousand years. From being named after a chief who challenged de Soto’s 1540 expedition to the iconic hills of Moundville, Tuscaloosa is a hub of Native American history and its modern culture.

Midterm Elections

UA political science professor discusses midterm election (Live interview)Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Nov. 6

Let’s dive a little more in-depth now on election day, and joining us this morning with his election analysis is Dr. Allen Linken, a professor of political science at The University of Alabama.
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Nov. 6

World War I

Why World War I became the ‘Forgotten War’How Stuff Works – Nov. 7

The Great War, as it was known before we started capitalizing and numbering our world wars, is remembered as anything but “Great” now. If, that is, it’s remembered at all … “It was kind of an auditioning, if you will, of the kind of rise of a very large militarized society that we see in World War II and thereafter,” says Andrew J. Huebner, a history professor at The University of Alabama and the author of “Love and Death in the Great War.”

Disaster Relief

Volunteers help with disaster relief in FloridaCrimson White – Nov. 8

Although she is a Florida resident and a part of a family that frequently has to evacuate from hurricanes, Mackenzie Thompson and her family have never had to worry about their home, as it has always been unscathed … After spending her fall break serving victims of Hurricane Michael, she now realizes the hardships a community faces after a dangerous storm, and it has given her a whole new perspective.“The most inspiring part about the trip was the resilience of the people that we worked with,” said Thompson, a senior majoring in psychology.

Christianity & The Alt-Right

UA political science professor appears on “Christianity & The ‘Alt-Right’ Movement” panel at Georgetown University (Recorded Live)CSPAN3 (National) – Nov. 8

George Hawley is associate professor of political science at The University of Alabama. His research interests include religion, electoral behavior, political parties and the conservative movement in America. He earned his Ph.D. in political science from the University of Houston, and undergraduate degrees from Central Washington University. He’s best known for his book, “Making Sense of the Alt-Right” published by Columbia University Press in 2017.

Jeff Sessions

Jeff Sessions is listed as a 2020 Senate candidate. But will he decide to run again?El Paso Times (Texas) – Nov. 10

Jeff Sessions has only been unemployed for a couple of days but that hasn’t stopped America from wondering what comes next for the Alabama Republican … “Alabama would welcome him back with open arms,” said Richard Fording, an endowed professor of political science at The University of Alabama.
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Conservative Government

Alabama’s ‘conservative government’ soon to collide with non-conservative issuesAl.com – Nov. 10

Voters may have ushered in one of the most thoroughly conservative governments Alabama has ever seen on Tuesday, but the issues the newly minted lawmakers face are largely practical matters with little partisan bent. . . . The newly elected lawmakers are likely to be discussing the parameters of a new infrastructure program in early January. Politically speaking, an infrastructure program could carry the least amount of baggage if conservative lawmakers opt to hike the fuel tax for the first time since George H.W. Bush was president.  “I do think that one is politically feasible,” said Richard Fording, a political science professor at The University of Alabama. “I do think that infrastructure is far more politically acceptable than maybe Medicaid expansion.”

Security Threats

What other nations do when security threats are everywhereUSA Today – Nov. 10

It can be the person you stood next to in line while getting your morning coffee. It can be your neighbor or co-worker. It can be your friend. Security threats are everywhere and nowhere – in America and around the world … According to a 2016 study by criminal justice professor Adam Lankford of The University of Alabama, between 1966-2012, a third of worldwide mass shootings took place in the USA. Americans own over 40 percent of over 650 million civilian firearms worldwide, says the Small Arms Survey, a Geneva-based group.
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