A&S in the News: June 24-30, 2018

Earthquake in Japan

What unleashed Japan’s massive earthquake?The Colombian Post – June 24

Like the other 14 biggest earthquakes since 1900, the magnitude 8.9 event _ that shook Japan and triggered tsunamis that swept the Pacific _ was created by a piece of the Earth’s crust shoving down into the planet’s interior … The reason subduction zones generate such large quakes has to do with the size of the segments of crust moving past each other, explains Tim Masterlark, a geophysicist at The University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

Alabama Republicans

Why Alabama Republicans are ‘all in’ on pro-President Trump campaigning ahead of runoffsAl.com – June 24

In the lieutenant governor race, a new Twinkle Cavanaugh radio spot accuses Republican rival Will Ainsworth of trying to derail Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy back in 2016 … “Trump is more popular in Alabama than any other state and his popularity has fallen less in Alabama than in any other state,” said Richard Fording, a political science professor at The University of Alabama, referring to the Morning Consult report and a subsequent analysis on the website, FiveThirtyEight.com.

Wind Speed

Using tree-fall patterns to calculate tornado wind speedScienmag – June 24

Tornadoes, hurricanes, and other extreme windstorm events cause millions of dollars in structural damage and related losses each year. They can also significantly damage ecosystems systems, driving efforts to study resilience in the face of these events … This session consists of 10 presentations, including the selections below: … Ground flora response to catastrophic wind, salvage harvesting, and prescribed fire in the Alabama Fall Line Hills — Jonathan S. Kleinman and Justin L. Hart, The University of Alabama.
Bright Surf – June 22
Health Medicine Network – June 22
EurekAlert – June 22

Public v. Private Employees

Editorial: Quitting the county, part twoPagosa Daily Post (Colorado) – June 25

In 2015, there were about 564,000 small businesses in Colorado operating above the radar — that is to say, businesses that were registered with the government, and known to the U.S. Small Business Administration. That government agency, however, has a peculiar definition for “small business.” … But their decisions to resign their positions at the County got me thinking about the larger question of employee turnover and led me, eventually, to an research paper about “public v. private employees” written by J. Norman Baldwin, a professor at The University of Alabama.

Master Printers

YSU art students visit master printers in ScotlandBusiness Daily Journal – June 25

Eight Youngstown State University Art majors head to Europe July 1 for a month-long study abroad trip in Glasgow, Scotland, where they will work alongside some of Great Britain’s top artists and master printers in the Glasgow Print Studio … In addition to the six YSU undergraduate students, the trip will include one student from The University of Alabama, a graduate student from the University of Cincinnati, and two YSU alums.

Women of Tide

Gorgas House Museum
The Gorgas House Museum

‘Women of Tide’ exhibit to openWVUA (Tuscaloosa) – June 25

The University of Alabama wants you to check out the “Women of the Tide.” It’s a museum exhibit that showcases 125 years of UA women, everything from lady athletes to soldiers to celebrities and activists. You’ll recognize a lot of the names, like Dr. Judy Bonner, the first woman hired as the University’s president, Mary Harmon Bryant, wife of legendary UA football coach Paul “Bear” Bryant. And, of course, Autherine Lucy Foster and Vivian Malone Jones, students and activists who risked their lives to help integrate the University. “Women of the Tide: 125 years of women at The University of Alabama” is at the Gorgas House Museum.
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Inspiration Landing

Sheffield’s Inspiration Landing project gets green-lightWHNT-CBS (Huntsville) – June 25

City leaders signed a contract with The University of Alabama archaeology department on Monday to monitor the clean-up of the old furnace site for historical significance.

Travel Ban

UA political science professor comments on Supreme Court’s decision to uphold travel banFox 6 (Birmingham) – June 26

One local expert was surprised by the decision. Dr. Allen Linken is a political science professor at The University of Alabama. He believes this is a historic expansion of executive powers, allowing the president to make decisions about who can and cannot come into our country. Linken believes that makes sense, because immigration and border security falls under the executive branch.
WVUA (Tuscaloosa) – June 26

Mass Killers

An all-too-easy way to famePsychology Today – June 26

A person can become as famous as Brad Pitt or LeBron James but with no practice and even less talent: With one horrific act, this person’s picture can be published on the front pages of every newspaper and shown on every TV station. Seven mass killers alone received roughly $75 million in free publicity, writes Adam Lankford, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at The University of Alabama, in a 2018 article in Celebrity Studies.

Ticks and Mosquitoes

How to avoid ticks and mosquitoes this summerWVUA (Tuscaloosa) – June 26

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, people contracting diseases transmitted through ticks and mosquitos have more than tripled in recent years. And as more and more people spend time outdoors Dr. John Abbott, director of museum research and collections at The University of Alabama Museums says that there is no way to avoid these bugs. “Living in the south. Things like ticks, fleas, and mosquitos are a common encounter.”

Deadly Fungi

Disease afflicting frogs becoming deadlierEnvironment Guru – June 26

A disease-inducing fungus in amphibians worldwide could become deadlier as different genetic variations emerge, according to research led by The University of Alabama.
Phys.org – June 26
USA Ag Net – June 27
Michigan Ag Connection – June 27


Meet Your Neighbor: Perrine takes the STEM path to obtain an MBAScottsdale Independent – June 27

Name: Sierra Perrine; Where I live: Scottsdale, AZ; When & why I moved here: Born and raised in Arizona … What I do: I am currently a student at The University of Alabama majoring in civil engineering and minoring in art while on the STEM Path to an MBA.

Michael Martone

Author Michael Martone brooding on his Hoosier rootsNortheast Indiana Public Radio – June 27

While author and Fort Wayne native Michael Martone has been a professor at The University of Alabama’s creative writing department since 1996, his ever-growing list of books and accolades continues to reflect his fondness for all things Hoosier.

Music Therapy

Can you hear it? The passion of the music?The Odyssey Online – June 27

When you hear the word music, what comes to your mind? Is it the songs that you hear on the radio? Is it the sounds you hear from instruments being played? Or is it everything that you hear around you from the honking of car horns to the stomping of feet? … Wilroy decided to take her love of music to The University of Alabama where she’s studying music therapy.

Austin Bombing

Authorities recover new clues after another Austin blastABC 25 (Victoria, Texas) – June 28

Investigators pursuing a suspected serial bomber in the Texas capital faced new threats along with the promise of valuable new leads as their attention shifted to a FedEx shipping center near San Antonio where a package exploded and the discovery of another, unexploded bomb near Austin’s airport … A criminologist at The University of Alabama said if a single perpetrator is behind the blasts, changing the means of delivery increases the bomber’s chance of getting caught. “I think it would suggest that the bomber is trying to stay unpredictable,” Adam Lankford said. “But it also increases the likelihood that he would make a mistake.”
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ABC 3 (Acadania, Texas) – June 28
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NBC 12 (Montgomery) – June 28

Supreme Court Nominee

Could Jones be a decisive vote on Trump’s Supreme Court nominee?Alabama Reporter – June 28

Republicans and Democrats in the U.S. Senate are gearing up for what could be a massive confirmation fight over President Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, and Alabama’s junior senator, Doug Jones, in his first year of a short two-year term, will likely find himself right in the middle of it all … “Over the course of the last 15 or so years, probably going back a little bit further than that, the court has had two main camps, arguably one conservative camp and one liberal camp, and Justice Kennedy has walked right through the middle of that and has effectively had one of the most impactful terms, in my opinion, on the Supreme Court, as a function of procedure,” said University of Alabama assistant professor Allen Linken, an expert on the Supreme Court.