A Crimson Harp

Gloria Moody’s rich history at The University of Alabama is continuing into 2017 with her gracious contribution of a crimson harp to the School of Music. Beginning her musical career as a pianist, Moody’s fascination with the harp began during her time studying here at the Capstone, and has played a role in her life as a musician over the years leading to this contribution.

“I’ve just had a real special interest in the harp” she says. “I studied harp, and just being a musician has made it so fascinating to me.”

After her first husband’s sudden passing at the age of 33, Moody returned her harp to UA, and stepped away from pursuing music with the instrument. After many more years contributing to new buildings and programs for the School of Music, she has come full circle to donate the crimson harp.

“I’m inspired by the fact that we have a wonderful harpist in the orchestra at the university” Moody said. “I couldn’t help but think what a perfect match”.

This contribution to the School of Music is pivotal in fostering progress and growth for the program according to principal harpist of the Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Judy Sullivan Hicks.

“It’s going to be such a great thing to have a school harp,” Hicks said. “Before now, the school owned a beautiful harp that was about 100 years old. We currently have three students who study and play the harp, and my vision is for this new addition to be a studio harp that is also used in performances for all to see.”

This special harp was originally brought to the attention of Judy Sullivan Hicks and Dr. Gorman Jones, but was eventually made possible to obtain by the generosity of Gloria Moody. Due to its unique red color, it has already coined the fond nickname, “The Crimson Harp.” Moody is thrilled to play such a role in this new addition to the Capstone.

“Music has enhanced my life in every possible way, and that School of Music has meant everything,”Moody said. “I can’t wait to see that crimson harp taken out for a performance.”

By Stacey Torkelson, UA Class of ’20