A&S in the News: June 25-July 1, 2017

Proctor and Kinsley To Compete in Miss America Competition

UA students to compete in Miss America competitionCrimson White – June 26

University of Alabama student Jessica Proctor won the 2017 Miss Alabama pageant and will represent the state in the 2018 Miss America pageants. Proctor is studying interdisciplinary studies and psychology at UA and is very involved in the community with projects such as “Step Up To The Plate,” which partners with West Alabama Food Bank. Proctor is one of 10 women who are current, former, or future students of The University of Alabama who have participated in the Miss Alabama pageant. Another UA student will compete in the Miss America competition as well. Briana Kinsley, who won the Miss D.C. pageant, will join Proctor in Atlantic City, New Jersey for the 97th Miss America competition in September.

Geropsychology On Interdisciplinary Teams

Where do gerontologists fit on interdisciplinary teams?Psychology Today – June 26

The premise of interdisciplinary teams assumes that no isolated discipline can meet the multiple, complex care needs of patients, particularly older adults’. Reflecting this, definitions of interdisciplinary team work emphasize it as a dynamic, clinical process—involving two or more health professionals with complementary backgrounds and skills—sharing common health goals and exercising concerted effort in assessing, planning, or evaluating patient care. (Christina M. Pierpaoli, MA, is a third-year graduate student in the Clinical Geropsychology doctoral program at the University of Alabama under the mentorship of Dr. Patricia A. Parmelee.)

Defining the Alt-Right Movement

NEWS ANALYSIS: What is the Alt-Right Movement?Baptist and Reflector (Tennessee) – June 26

The term alt-right was first used by former conservatives, but the movement itself is not a conservative movement, Carter said, quoting University of Alabama professor George Hawley … “The modal alt-right person is a male, white millennial; probably has a college degree or is in college; is secular and perhaps atheist and not interested in the conservative movement at all,” Carter quoted Hawley from a Washington Post article.

New Volume of Marianne Moore Poems

A definitive work on Marianne Moore and other best poetry to read this monthWashington Post – June 27

New Collected Poems of Marianne Moore (FSG), edited by Heather Cass White, gives readers a fresh perspective on the legacy of Marianne Moore, considered one of America’s most influential modernist poets. Moore, whose awards included a Pulitzer Prize, was hailed for her precise language, penetrating descriptions and keen observations. She was also known for incessantly revising her poems, much to the dismay of editors who tried to create definitive editions of her selected and collected poems. In this new volume, White, a professor at the University of Alabama, presents what she believes to be the best version of Moore’s work, along with copious notes, and various versions of poems that Moore tinkered with over years or even decades.

Senate Candidate’s Past Attacks On Trump

GOP Senate candidate may lose primary over past criticism of ‘serial adulterer’ TrumpRaw Story – June 28

Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is running for an open Republican Party senate seat in Alabama — but his past criticism of President Donald Trump might soon come back to haunt him. Even though Trump has poor poll ratings in much of the country, he is still very popular in Alabama. And as The Hill reports, strategists for Brooks’ Republican primary rival, Alabama Sen. Luther Strange, are considering ways to use Brooks’ past criticism of Trump against him in their race for Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ old seat … Nonetheless, University of Alabama professor and local political expert William Stewart tells The Hill that Brooks’ past attacks will be strong fodder to use against him. “I think this will come back to haunt since he’s said critical things against someone who is a very popular president, at least as far as this state is concerned,” he said.

Our Private and Public Personas

Mind healing: Our public selves could use some private timeCetus News – June 28

Social and developmental psychologists have long argued that we need both a private and a public persona. We need a public self to allow us to fit into society, and a private self to develop our own uniqueness … Nonetheless, there are reasons to be concerned about a total merging of public and private self. Studies such as those conducted by Robert Lyman at the University of Alabama and Ute Gabriel at the University of Bern show that if we think we’re being watched, we’re more likely to comply with the wishes of those around us, rather than stick to our own beliefs and inclinations.

Internship Program at The Institute of World Politics

IWP welcomes 22 summer internsPublic – June 28

This summer, 22 interns are completing the internship program at The Institute of World Politics. Pryce Albury … Pryce is a student at Norwich University, which is a military school in Vermont. Brianna Bishop: Brianna is a student at the University of Alabama majoring in International Studies with a focus on Russia. She is also studying Russian language. Brianna is an Events and Communications Intern at IWP.

Competitive Senate Race

A Democratic Senator in deep red Alabama? At Doug Jones rally, optimism flourishesAl.com – June 29

Alabama hasn’t elected a Democrat to a statewide office in more than a decade, and the party hasn’t held one of the state’s two Senate seats since Howell Heflin left office in early 1997. Pundits consider the state a safe GOP bet, where President Donald Trump won by a wider margin last November than Ronald Reagan did in the 1980s … “It would take a catastrophe of monumental proportions to make the November race anywhere near competitive,” said William Stewart, professor emeritus of political sciences at the University of Alabama and a longtime observer of state politics.

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