A&S in the News – Nov. 5-11

Performing arts center designs approved
Tuscaloosa News – Nov. 6
The chair of the University of Alabama theatre and dance department predicts the new $60-million performing arts center planned for the historic Bryce campus will have an immediate impact on students as a cutting-edge learning center, while also providing a more inviting venue for theater-goers. “I mean, every aspect of the facilities will be more accommodating both for the audience and the performers,” chair Bill Teague said Nov. 3. The University of Alabama System board of trustees on Nov. 3 approved the architectural designs for the 130,088-square-foot center that will connect to the north side of historic main Bryce Hospital building, which is being renovated for use by the department as offices, rehearsal space, gathering areas and other support space.

Donald Trump and the Alabamafication of the United States
AL.com – Nov. 9
When Donald Trump appoints the next Supreme Court Justice the Alabamafication of the United States will be complete. The 2016 presidential campaign exposed a growing divide between rural and urban voters. Donald Trump’s unconventional campaign blindsided the Republican Party establishment and then the national electorate, as he rode a populist groundswell to defeat Hillary Clinton. . . . Buchanan expects that fight at the Federal level too. Donald Trump has publically clashed with party leaders like Jeb Bush, John Kasich and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan. Ryan has struggled to manage the competing interests of the Republican majority. Without an Obama bogeyman in the White House, you’ll see a more pronounced fight for the soul of the Republican Party. “A [political] party is like a battleship which is not easily turned,” said William Stewart, professor emeritus of the University of Alabama and author of “Alabama Politics in the Twenty-First Century.” “As long as the Alabama Republican Party retains its present position of dominance, I don’t think they will be forced to do anything.”

UA Prof: Trump = Muzzle on the Press?
Alabama Public Radio – Nov. 9
The American people have a good idea of what Donald Trump is like on the campaign trail. But, what he’ll do as Commander-In-Chief appears less certain. Mr. Trump’s campaign drew large support from groups who feel economically disadvantaged by globalization. Speculation on a Trump administration includes Dr. Allen Linken. He’s an assistant professor of political science at the University of Alabama. Linken says one of Mr. Trump’s first actions will likely be regarding the media. “Most prominently I think he’s references some notions about freedom of speech. He’s referenced notions of sort of freedom of the press, so I think his first, or one of them, and I believe he mentioned this in a speech a few weeks ago, was to sort of clamp down on the rights of the freedom of the press and expand the notion of libel or expand the notion of slander.” Trump’s rhetoric against free trade was also paired with a strong stance against immigration. Mr. Trump suggested a ban on Muslim immigrants to the US and a wall on the Mexican border.

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