A&S in the News – Oct. 14-20

Cuba Week starts Monday at the University of Alabama
Tuscaloosa News – Oct. 14
The University of Alabama’s Cuba Week, a showcase of the collaborations between the university and Cuban partners, begins Oct. 24. The week-long program, which kicks off at 8:30 a.m. at Bryant-Jordan Hall, will feature cultural events and presentations by UA staff and more than 20 Cuban artists, musicians, writers, doctors and scholars covering topics that range from engineering, science and health science to history, film, theatre, literature and art. The presentations are free and open to the public.

Astronomers Discover Two Mysterious Cosmic Objects Belching Out Rapid X-Ray Flares
International Business Times – Oct. 20
Space is big. So it’s understandable that there are certain things in the universe we are yet to discover, and events we are yet to find explanations for. A team of astronomers have now have observed not one, but two extraordinary objects whose behavior defies explanation. “We’ve never seen anything like this,” Jimmy Irwin from the University of Alabama, lead author of a study describing the observations, said in a statement. “Astronomers have seen many different objects that flare up, but these may be examples of an entirely new phenomenon.”

Panel says reforms needed in criminal justice system
Tuscaloosa News – Oct. 20
Researchers and local and federal officials offered a wide-ranging discussion of the issues surrounding incarceration in the U.S. criminal justice system during a paneled discussion at the University of Alabama on Wednesday.The panel was presented by the UA Department of Criminal Justice. The panelists, addressing pre-selected questions and ones from the audience, touched on topics ranging from mass incarceration, alternatives to incarceration, drug policy, policing and other topics.

UA climatologist fears drought could last for months
Fox 6 (Birmingham) – Oct. 20
University of Alabama climatologist Jason Senkbeil gave a blunt description of Alabama’s current weather conditions: “We’re absolutely in a drought.” The associate professor of geography at the University also believes this is worst drought Alabama has faced since 2007. “We’re in a severe drought. They’re in extreme drought up in Northeastern corner of Alabama. And that drought is also forecast to develop as the winter goes on towards the Gulf Coast,” he went on to say. The drought has now moved into areas including Birmingham and Tuscaloosa.

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