A&S in the News- May 28-June 3

  1. University of Alabama professor wins Mark Twain Award
    Tuscaloosa News – May 31
    A professor of English and creative writing at the University of Alabama, has been named the winner of the 2016 Mark Twain Award for Distinguished Contributions to Midwestern Literature. “I feel really good about the award,” Michael Martone said. “It came out of the blue. I had no idea people were thinking about me so that makes it really special.”
  2. Welfare Utopia
    The Atlantic – May 31
    In much of the country, poor people are finding that there are fewer and fewer government benefits available to help them stay afloat. But here in this progressive corner of the Northwest, the poor can access an extensive system of state-sponsored supports and services … What makes a state generous, like Oregon, or punitive, like Arkansas, which I visited earlier this year? Joe Soss, Richard C. Fording, and Sanford F. Schram, the authors of the book Disciplining the Poor, point to a number of things, including which party controls the state legislature and the benefit-to-wage ratio in the state (basically, the higher wages are relative to benefits, the less likely states are to make cuts).
  3. UA holds Amelia Gorgas Birthday celebration
    WVUA 23 (Tuscaloosa) – June 1
    Look out! Amelia Gorgas is turning 190. The Gorgas House on the University of Alabama campus hosted a birthday bash to celebrate Amelia Gorgas today. And, of course, no party would be complete without a cake. There was even an appearance by Amelia Gorgas, herself.

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