Rising Tide Scholarship Campaign Kicks off with Sweet 16

A student-led scholarship campaign aimed at endowing an Arts & Sciences scholarship for students in need will kick off its fall “Sweet 16” efforts on September 6. Led by UA’s College of Arts and Sciences Student Services and Ambassadors, this multi-year campaign asks A&S students to donate $1 to the Rising Tide Scholarship to help their fellow classmates.  

The Rising Tide Scholarship is a scholarship for students by students, and is designed to provide a helping hand to students facing a variety of obstacles or challenges.  

The College of Arts & Sciences’ goal is to raise a total of $25,000 to endow the scholarship, ensuring that it will provide financial support for students indefinitely. The College and Ambassadors are hoping to reach this multi-year goal in 2016 with the Sweet 16 campaign so the scholarship can start helping students next year.

Fundraisers held over the past two years in support of the scholarship have earned thousands of dollars. This year’s campaign will include on-campus events and donation centers, and promotions on social media from September 6 through September 9 and continuing throughout the year. McAlister’s Deli will host a Spirit Night on September 8 from 5:00 pm to 8:00 pm, with a percentage of all proceeds going to the Rising Tide Fund. Additionally, any student who donates during the week of September 6 will be entered to win a Kindle Fire. Anyone 21 or older who donates $16 or more to the scholarship will be entered to win box tickets to the Kent State game!

Serving as the face of the campaign is a nearly 6-foot-wide, 4-foot-tall, elephant-shaped bank made of wood and Plexiglas, dubbed “Baby Al.” Students, faculty, staff, and visitors on campus are encouraged to look for the elephant and drop a dollar inside. Donation centers will also be set up all year long in the Student Services Center on the 2nd floor of Clark Hall and in the Honors College. Students can also make donations by swiping their ACTion cards at the donation centers set up near the elephant donation bank or by donating to the Rising Tide Endowed Scholarship online.

For more information, and for updates on Rising Tide events, visit Arts and Sciences Student Services on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/as.stuservices) and Twitter (@AS_StuServices), or contact Arts & Sciences Student Services at 205-348-5970.