Spring 2015 Advising Begins

Ready, Set—Get Advised!

The leaves have barely started turning colors, but it’s already time to start planning your schedule for spring 2015 and get advised. In the College of Arts and Sciences, advising happens different ways, depending on the student’s year and status:

  • Freshman, new transfer, or undeclared? Sign up for A&S ADVISING

New freshmen, new transfer students, and students who have yet to declare a major and aren’t sure which courses to take next are encouraged to make appointments with the A&S advisors in 200 Clark Hall. Appointments with these advisors can be made using the online advising system found at www.as.ua.edu/appointment/.

  • No major yet, but you know what classes to take? Try EXPRESS ADVISING

Express advising is offered to meet the needs of students who have NOT declared their majors but have a clear idea of what courses they should be taking. These sessions are held in large classrooms or in Gorgas 205. Students who attend these express sessions will fill out their registration forms and then wait for an advisor to approve it. Three to four advisors will be available at each session. A list of express advising sessions taking place this semester is at the end of this article.

  • Already declared a major? You’re ready for DEPARTMENTAL ADVISING

Students who have already declared majors are advised within their respective departments, usually by faculty members. Each department will set aside two to three weeks for appointments for spring 2015 schedules. More information can often be found on department websites, and many departments post fliers in academic buildings announcing the start date for fall advising. 

Preparing for Your Advising Session

Before you meet with any advisor, review your progress on DegreeWorks to identify core, major, and minor courses you still need. Be prepared to discuss aspects of DegreeWorks that you don’t understand with your advisor. If you are worried about your progress or GPA, or you are considering changing your major or minor, bring up these concerns with your advisor. Finally, use the Schedule Builder application found on myBama to explore alternate options in case you can’t get into your first-choice classes.

Registration Dates and Deadlines

Official registration for spring 2015 begins Oct. 27. Specific dates and times are listed on the registrar’s website.

Year-Round Advising

Keep in mind that A&S advising goes on year-round, and all A&S students are encouraged to come in at any time to speak with a College advisor about majors, progression to graduation, and any other questions or concerns. You can stop by A&S Student Services in 200 Clark Hall, call (205) 348-5970, email student.services@as.ua.edu, or use our Ask an Advisor form.

Fall 2014 Express Advising Sessions

All sessions will be held in 205 Gorgas Library. No appointment is required — just walk in and get advised.

Wed., Oct. 8 3:00-4:30 A&S honors freshmen and undecided
Thurs., Oct. 16 11:00-1:00 A&S first-year transfer students and undecided majors
Mon., Oct. 20 1:00-3:00 A&S first-year students and undecided majors
Tues., Oct. 28 3:00-4:30 A&S first-year students and undecided majors
Tues., Nov. 4 2:00-4:00 A&S first-year students and undecided majors
Wed., Nov. 5 2:00-4:00 A&S first-year students and undecided majors
Mon., Nov. 10 2:00-4:00 A&S first-year students and undecided majors