Artwork Donated by Callahan, Foote Families

The children of Dr. Alston Callahan, one of the founders of the Callahan Eye Foundation in Birmingham, and Mrs. Eivor Holst Callahan, a 1948 UA alumnus, have donated artwork to the permanent collection of the Department of Art and Art History.

The work is a plaster cast of Lovers (Mithuna), a sculpture from the 11th century done in the Khajuraho style of India. The surface treatment of the reproduction makes it resemble the red sandstone of the original statue. The piece will be used to teach students in the department about ancient art from that period. The work has been given jointly by Dr. Michael Callahan, and his siblings Timothy A. R. Callahan, Karin Callahan, and Kristina A. Callahan, all friends of the College.

The Department of Art and Art History also received several works from Howard Foote of New York. This is the second group of art pieces donated by Foote, who received his bachelor’s degree in history from the College in 1963 and his law degree from UA in 1968. Yucca Pods and Cactus Fruit by Maryam Amiryani, Vow by Fred Stonehouse, Man Laying Down Red Cloth by Brian Novatny, Moving Sky/Red Horses by Jeff Reed, and Sambastian Horses by William Meyerowitz were donated to the permanent collection of the Sarah Moody Gallery of Art.