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Making Her Mark

Caroline Yuk

From the 2021 Collegian | Caroline Yuk has always known she wanted to make a difference in the world.  COVID-19 brought many challenges to UA’s classrooms. For Yuk, a senior, it spurred a new challenge—figuring out how to learn all that she needed to when communication was muffled by cloth face covering and plexiglass—and an opportunity.  “I’m always thinking about how things can be better,” Yuk said. “How can things improve? And what ways can they? I think I’ve always had this mindset of wondering why we […]

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UA’s Vote Everywhere Wins Chapter of the Year

A student helps another student register to vote at a table.

From the September 2020 Desktop News | The UA chapter of Vote Everywhere was recently awarded Chapter of the Year by the group’s parent organization, the Andrew Goodman Foundation, which advocates for young people to vote and be civically engaged with their communities. The Andrew Goodman Foundation was established in honor of Andrew Goodman, a college student who was part of the Freedom Summer 1964 to register African Americans to vote. On his first day in Mississippi, Goodman and two […]

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