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Making Her Mark

Caroline Yuk

From the 2021 Collegian | Caroline Yuk has always known she wanted to make a difference in the world.  COVID-19 brought many challenges to UA’s classrooms. For Yuk, a senior, it spurred a new challenge—figuring out how to learn all that she needed to when communication was muffled by cloth face covering and plexiglass—and an opportunity.  “I’m always thinking about how things can be better,” Yuk said. “How can things improve? And what ways can they? I think I’ve always had this mindset of wondering why we […]

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A&S Ambassadors Give Back to Tuscaloosa

From the March 2021 Desktop News | The College of Arts and Sciences Ambassadors have always had a strong community, regularly doing service projects together on top of their duties of meeting with prospective students, donors, and more. When the pandemic hit, the inability to gather in a large group brought some of their normal work to a halt. However, it led to their new community engagement groups, an idea that would further strengthen that community and their connection to […]

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Dance Alabama! Tour Brings Art to Alabama Schools

A dancer leads elementary students in a stretch.

From the February 2021 Desktop News | From year to year, one of the most anticipated productions from UA’s Department of Theatre and Dance is Dance Alabama!, a program choreographed and performed entirely by students. Hundreds of people flock to Tuscaloosa to watch as dancers perform a wide variety of genres and styles. But this isn’t the students’ only chance to perform. Over the past six years, Dance Alabama! has taken its show on the road, performing at elementary schools […]

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How a Crimson Beard Raised Funds for West Alabama Food Bank

From the June 2020 Desktop News | What began as a joke at the end of an email quickly became an act of service for UA’s department of mathematics, which recently completed a faculty fundraiser for the West Alabama Food Bank. While working at home during the COVID-19 crisis, Dr. David Cruz-Uribe, the chair of the department, finished an email to his faculty with a joke about his beard graying during this time of elevated stress, and that he should […]

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Restoring a Legend

Dr. Jennifer Feltman

From the Winter 2019 Collegian | Since its Gothic construction in 1163, Notre Dame Cathedral has been a religious and cultural monument worldwide. Its magnificent towers and buttresses have stood through regime changes and revolutions, through wars and celebrations and times of mourning. The echo of its bells, perhaps Paris’s most famous sound, have become iconic in books and films. To admirers and critics alike, the cathedral has become a symbol of culture, religion, art, and French pride throughout the […]

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