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Composing across the Globe

Half an hour before the premiere of a 5-minute marimba solo he created, then freshman Tyler Entelisano was sitting in Dr. Amir Zaheri’s office in the Moody Music Hall. It was the first time one of his compositions would be played for a live audience, and it was his first week in college. Not surprisingly, Entelisano was nervous. “Dr. Zaheri asked me if I wanted a cup of coffee,” Entelisano recalled. “And though at that time I wasn’t a big […]

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Carnegie Hall Showcase

From the November 2015 Desktop News | A composition by Tyler Grant, a sophomore in the School of Music, has been selected to be showcased at Carnegie Hall in New York City in April. “Panoramic Landscapes” will be performed by the Scarsdale, New York, High School wind ensemble under the direction of Jason Noble. It is Grant’s first work to be played at Carnegie Hall. Originally written for a brass ensemble, Grant later transcribed the three-minute concert fanfare for full […]

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