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Where Science Meets Fiction

The x-ray image superimposed over the optical image creates the purplish smile of The Cheshire Cat Galaxy Group.

From the February 2016 Desktop News | When Dr. Jimmy Irwin, a professor in the Department of Physics and Astronomy, began his research on the Cheshire Cat group of galaxies, he was interested in more than just the teasing smile of a disappearing cat. “The two bright eye galaxies,” Irwin said, “are actually moving very fast relative to one another, so I thought this may be a collision between two groups.” And if there was a collision, the new galaxy would […]

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Students and Faculty Forge for Charity

Allison Sloan's sculpture of a golf swing for the NUCOR Children's Charity Classic.

From the February 2016 Desktop News | For the second year in a row, students have joined with associate professor Craig Wedderspoon, of the Department of Art and Art History, in raising thousands of dollars for a local children’s hospital. Wedderspoon and his students, including BFA senior Allison Sloan and BFA graduates Ali Jackson and Eric Nubbe, have designed, created, and auctioned off sculptures for the annual Nucor Children’s Charity Classic—all the proceeds of which go to Children’s of Alabama. This […]

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From Bama to Broadway

From the February 2016 Desktop News | Before going to Broadway, the seductive history of New Orleans’ red light district, The Countess of Storyville, will come to life on stage at The University of Alabama. Margot Astrachan, the 2014 Tony Award-winning producer for A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder, is producing the show, which will run Feb. 16–20 at the Marian Gallaway Theatre. The musical, though still in development, tells the story of Countess Willie Dupree, an orphan raised […]

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Research Featured in World’s Top Science Journal

Dr. Eben Broadbent (front) and Dr. Angelica Almeyda Zambrano (third from front), with field assistants from the Instituto Boliviano de Investigacion Forestal, carry a ‘pequi-pequi’ boat motor to the river in preparation for travel to one of their forest study sites.

From the February 2016 Desktop News | Last week’s online edition of Nature, the world’s most highly cited interdisciplinary scientific journal, published research co-authored by Department of Geography professors Drs. Eben Broadbent and Angelica Almeyda Zambrano. On average, Nature publishes only 8 percent of the 200 or more research papers submitted for publication each week due to rigorous selection criteria, according to the journal. In 2013, only 856 of the 10,952 papers submitted to Nature were published. Most submissions are declined […]

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Cybercrime Internship Gaining Steam

From the February 2016 Desktop News | In the world of cybercrime, offenders tend to have the upper hand. According to Beau Sams, a UAPD officer at The University of Alabama’s Joint Electronic Crimes Task Force, or JECTF, “Technology always outpaces law enforcement’s ability to deal with it.” But by partnering with academia—and student interns, who are closer to the forefront of technology and social media—police officers are hoping to catch up. The JECTF internship, which began in spring 2015, currently […]

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Contemporary Realist Dale Kennington Returns to UA

From the February 2016 Desktop News | From sun up to sun down, contemporary realist Dale Kennington is in her studio painting. “I get up in the morning; I have a cup of coffee; I walk back into the studio; and I paint until it gets dark in the afternoon,” Kennington said. “And since the days are longer in the summer, I’m in there longer.” Kennington, who graduated from The University of Alabama in 1956 with a bachelor’s degree in art history […]

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