Wendy McMillian

Wendy Bolton McMillian

College Academic Records Manager


As the College of Arts & Sciences Registrar, Wendy is responsible for supporting graduation issues for the College and working with professional advisors and faculty advisors. She specifically works with time to graduation initiatives for the College, domestic transfer credit evaluations, transcript, and catalog matters, and supports the departments with other college and degree process issues. Wendy enjoys her work with students and faculty and developing partnerships with other areas on campus.

Wendy received her BA in art history and her MA in higher education administration, both from The University of Alabama. In addition to her office responsibilities, Wendy has held leadership roles in regional and national professional organizations and is a current member of the Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers. Wendy has been employed by the University since 1996 and in the College of Arts & Sciences Student Services Center since 2000.