STARS Requirements

The STARS (Statewide Transfer and Articulation Reporting System) website offers detailed information about course equivalencies and requirements. For the purposes of the STARS system, courses are organized into five categories:

  • Area I: Composition
  • Area II: Humanities, Literature, and Fine Arts
  • Area III: Natural Science and Mathematics
  • Area IV: History, Social Science, and Behavioral Science
  • Area V: Pre-Professional, Major, and Elective Courses in the College

For information about Areas I-IV, visit the University of Alabama registrar’s office website or STARS website. For Area V requirements, visit the UA registrar’s transfer credit website.

Additional Requirements

In addition to the Area V requirements (linked below), students must complete the writing requirement and the computer/foreign language requirement.

Writing requirement

Six semester hours in 300- and 400-level courses, preferably in the student’s major, approved for the writing (W) designation.  The (W) requirement must be satisfied with courses taken on the University of Alabama campus.

Computer or foreign-language requirement

Students must complete ONE of the following options:

  • Six semester hours in courses that are approved for the computer (C) designation. Such courses assume a working knowledge of the computer.
  • Two semesters in one foreign language (FL). Students must earn grades of “C” or higher in the first course of the two-semester sequence before enrolling in the second course. Students with two or more high school units of a foreign language are assigned to foreign language courses on the basis of placement test scores. Students placed into ihigher courses satisfy the FL requirement in one semester.

STARS Area V Requirements

Major, Pre-Professional, and elective courses in the College of Arts and Sciences

  • Please click on the following link to see information for the STARS Area V block.