Social Media and Graduate Assistants

Online journal-type websites and communities (e.g., Facebook and MySpace) are public venues that the entire world can access. It is important that you educate yourself about safe participation on these sites. Please be aware that if you are identified online in any way as a GA/GTA/GRA of the College of Arts and Sciences, you will be held responsible for any pictures and/or text that you post or that others might post involving you that might demonstrate violations by you of the rules and regulations of the University of Alabama Student Code of Conduct or of policies/procedures of the College of Arts and Sciences or the Graduate School.

Communications or pictures that could be deemed to violate the University’s harassment policy or are otherwise inappropriate for the workplace should not appear on Facebook if you are teaching and your students are invited to visit your website. We in no way want to restrict your free-speech rights. We do, however, want you to understand that when information about you is posted on these sites that the information is not private and can be disclosed to anyone, including your students, who could use that information to support complaints they may file against you. This information can also be used by University officials for employee disciplinary purposes and to support student sanctions for violations of codes of conduct.