Grant-Writing Seminars

Interested faculty members may apply to join a 15-month training program with external-funding expert David G. Bauer. At the successful completion of the program, each participant will have researched, drafted, and submitted a proposal for funding.

Participation is open to all tenured and tenure-track faculty. The program opens with a one-day seminar, followed by individual meetings with Mr. Bauer; two more seminars, also followed by individual meetings, are held during the year.

To continue participating in the program, faculty must attend seminars and one-on-one meetings and reach milestones. This means that participants usually need to make alternative arrangements for their classes on one or two days during the year.

The Dean’s Office will send a memo to all A&S faculty announcing application deadlines and seminar dates for each year’s program. To participate, contact your department chair to ensure his or her support, then submit the following materials by the deadline:

  • letter of agreement signed by you and your department chair (this will be included with the dean’s memo)
  • a one-page summary of your proposed research/creative activity
  • your vita

Questions about the program should be directed to the contact person identified in the memo from the Dean’s Office; you can also call (205) 348-7007 and ask to speak to the associate dean who handles these workshops.