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A&S Junior Creates Group to Combat Vaccine Misinformation

Kyle Boden and Crystal Tao

From the January 2022 Desktop News | In December 2020, junior biological sciences major and McCollough Pre-Medical Scholar Kyle Boden heard that a new vaccine was becoming available to help combat the COVID-19 pandemic. He, like many others around the country, was excited by the prospect. But this was quickly dampened by the spread of misinformation, which ran rampant on social media. Boden knew he had to do something.  Boden, who hails from Santa Clara, California, and his friend, Crystal Tao, who is […]

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Being the Change

Brittany Hamner in her classroom

From the 2021 Collegian | When Brittany Hamner graduated from UA in May 2021, she walked across the stage prepared to take on the world. The 2020 Campbell-Portera Scholarship winner had spent the past four years learning all that she could, getting involved in multiple organizations on campus, and making memories that will last a lifetime.   Hamner, a Tuscaloosa native and first-generation college student, decided to go to UA to be close to her large, tight-knit family. UA gave her the opportunity […]

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Making Her Mark

Caroline Yuk

From the 2021 Collegian | Caroline Yuk has always known she wanted to make a difference in the world.  COVID-19 brought many challenges to UA’s classrooms. For Yuk, a senior, it spurred a new challenge—figuring out how to learn all that she needed to when communication was muffled by cloth face covering and plexiglass—and an opportunity.  “I’m always thinking about how things can be better,” Yuk said. “How can things improve? And what ways can they? I think I’ve always had this mindset of wondering why we […]

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Engaging History

As the adage goes, “those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it,” but history is not meant to be learned in a bubble. Beyond learning dates and names, understanding historical events requires active interpretation. A living, breathing historical journal provides a powerful platform for students and scholars to engage in discussions and do history. In Spring 2019, with guidance from faculty advisor Dr. Margaret Peacock, co-founders Jackson Foster and Jodi Vadinsky built that platform with the Crimson […]

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UA Senior Raises Her Voice to Downsize Global Poverty

For rising senior Harper Fox, working towards ending global poverty and hunger has always been a passion. As a summer intern with the Borgen Project, a non-profit organization based out of Seattle, Harper will take a more direct approach to these issues. Throughout her 12-week remote internship, Harper will be contacting senators from both California and Alabama, as well as specific district members from Tuscaloosa and South Pasadena — her hometown. She’ll ask representatives for their support on issues relevant […]

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