Leadership Board Faculty Fellows

The College of Arts and Sciences Leadership Board Faculty Fellowships recognize the College’s most promising or most accomplished teacher/scholars, individuals early in their careers who demonstrate exceptional promise or faculty members who have brought distinction to the College and University throughout their careers.

The Leadership Board contributes $45,000 annually to support nine faculty fellows (three from the arts and humanities, three from the natural sciences and mathematics, and three from the social sciences). Three fellows are selected each year (one from each division) for a three-year term.

Nominations are solicited from A&S departments late in the fall semester and are due the following April; fellows are named in May. For more information, contact Kevin Reid, Senior Director of External Affairs, at krreid@ua.edu or (205) 348-7009.


  • Assistant Professor Diana Dolliver, Department of Criminology & Criminal Justice
  • Assistant Professor Kim Genareau, Department of Geological Sciences
  • Assistant Professor Dominic Yeager, Department of Theatre & Dance


  • Associate Professor Shanlin Pan, Department of Chemistry
  • Professor Albert Pionke, Department of English
  • Associate Professor Eric Weisbard, Department of American Studies


  • Professor Torin Alter, Department of Philosophy
  • Associate Professor Justin Hart, Department of Geography
  • Assistant Professor Margaret Peacock, Department of History


  • Assistant Professor Angie Barber, Department of Communicative Disorders
  • Associate Professor Sarah Barry, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Assistant Professor Samantha Hansen, Department of Geological Sciences


  • Professor Joel Brouwer, Department of English
  • Professor Adam Lankford, Department of Criminal Justice
  • Professor Juan Lopez-Bautista, Department of Biological Sciences


  • Professor Douglas Gibler, Department of Political Science
  • Professor Patrick LeClair, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Professor Richard Richards, Department of Philosophy


  • Professor Jim Knight, Department of Anthropology
  • Professor Norv Richards, Department of Philosophy
  • Professor Martyn Dixon, Department of Mathematics


  • Associate Professor Brian Evans, Department of Art and Art History
  • Associate Professor Stacy Morgan, Department of American Studies
  • Professor John Vincent, Department of Chemistry 


  • Associate Professor Seth Panitch, Department of Theatre and Dance
  • Associate Professor Fran Conners, Department of Psychology
  • Assistant Professor Fred Andrus, Department of Geological Sciences


  • Associate Professor Karl DeRouen, Department of Political Science
  • Assistant Professor Julie Olson, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Professor Carol Prickett, School of Music


  • Professor Mindy Nancarrow, Department of Art and Art History
  • Professor Tavan Trent, Department of Mathematics
  • Assistant Professor Lisa Dorr, Department of History


  • Associate Professor Catherine Roach, New College
  • Professor Bill Keel, Department of Physics and Astronomy
  • Professor Tom Fox, Department of Modern Languages and Classics


  • Associate Professor Guy Caldwell, Department of Biological Sciences
  • Professor William Dressler, Department of Anthropology
  • Professor Jim Otteson, Department of Philosophy


  • Professor Robin Behn, Department of English/Creative Writing
  • Professor Forrest Scogin, Department of Psychology
  • Associate Professor Luoheng Han, Department of Geography


  • Associate Professor Rebecca Allen, Department of Psychology
  • Assistant Professor Tony Rodriguez, Department of Geological Sciences
  • Associate Professor Tom Wolfe, School of Music


  • Professor Michael Martone, Department of English
  • Professor Jim Bindon, Department of Anthropology
  • Professor Robin Rogers, Department of Chemistry