Living-Learning Communities

In the College of Arts and Sciences, we provide three types of living-learning communities geared towards first-year students. Our living-learning communities are residence hall-based programs that build connections for students with common interests or similar academic paths. Research shows that students who join LLCs finish their first year with higher GPAs and are overall more involved in campus leadership.

Blount Scholars Program

The Blount Scholars Program is a selective, four-year, living and learning community at The University of Alabama featuring small, seminar-style classes, intensive interaction with faculty, and an integrated, interdisciplinary curriculum leading to a minor in Liberal Arts.


Parker-Adams Living Learning Community provides a “home away from home” for students looking to experience a family-like connection at the university. Students build meaningful relationships through weekly social activities and academic study sessions with the support of a Faculty-in-Residence and PA Fellows.

McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars

The McCollough Institute for Pre-Medical Scholars prepares future medical leaders with unique, interdisciplinary studies in medicine to aid in the development of the complex skills involved in the practice of medicine.