Pre-Professional Programs

pre-health and pre-law students posing at a Go Pro event
Each year, pre-professional students participate in Go Pro, a networking event for health and law program applicants.

What does it mean to be a pre-professional student at the University of Alabama? This path means choosing a major that speaks to your interests, performing well in the classroom, pursuing opportunities that will build your soft skills and allow you to interact with people, and regularly meeting with your pre-professional advisor from the beginning of freshman year.

As a medical school applicant, you will need to shine in your science courses while committing yourself to shadowing, research, and service.

For a law school applicant, you must develop excellent reading, writing, analytical, and communication skills in your courses and showcase on your resume your ability to collaborate and empathize with people unlike you.

Most importantly, you might be the person who one day saves lives in a courtroom or on an operating table. Your preparation and success for that future start with day one at the university. Please reach out via our websites listed below so we can connect with you on your path to law or medical school. Roll Tide.


Being a pre-health student at The University of Alabama means that you are taking courses and gathering experiences (shadowing, research, volunteering, etc.) that are building the foundation for your application to a health-related professional school graduate program. As a pre-health student, you will work with a pre-health advisor from Bama Bound through graduation, with regular appointments to keep you on track towards your professional school goals.

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The pre-law program at The University of Alabama is designed to provide information, resources, and opportunities to give students potentially interested in law school an accurate perception of both law school and the legal field.

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