A&S in the News: February 18-24, 2024

Liberal Arts Degrees

Opinion | Support humanity. Support the liberal arts.: The Crimson White – Feb. 18

Across high school and college campuses, students are being highly encouraged to pursue degrees in a STEM field. So much so that the liberal arts (language, literature, philosophy, life and earth sciences, and so on) are being left behind, pushed to the background. Paul Albano, the associate director of undergraduate creative writing here at the University, is very satisfied he chose to major in English and legal studies during his undergraduate years.

Facial Affect Sensitivity Training

UA researching new intervention program to help with children’s emotional awareness: Alabama Public Radio – Feb. 22

The University of Alabama is studying a new intervention program for children who have difficulties recognizing others’ emotions. The Center for Youth Development and Intervention at UA is conducting research on the effect of Facial Affect Sensitivity Training, or FAST, for children. This intervention was developed for youngsters who have difficulties recognizing and reading facial expressions.

John Shakespeare

Shakespeare expert overturns fly-tipper myth about playwright’s father: The Guardian – Feb. 23

Now the long-held assumption that John Shakespeare was a 16th-century fly-tipper has been overturned as a myth….Titled John Shakespeare’s Muckhill: Ecologies, Economies, and Biographies of Communal Waste in Stratford-upon-Avon, circa 1550–1600, it is co-written with Elizabeth Tavares, an assistant professor of English at The University of Alabama.

Fulbright Scholars

University of Alabama sweeps top Fulbright Scholar producer honors for first time: Alabama News Center – Feb. 25

The University of Alabama has been recognized as a Top Producing Institution of Fulbright U.S. Students for the seventh time in nine years.