A&S in the News: October 8-14, 2023

UAW Strike

UAW president says strike continues despite GM progress. The possible impact on Alabama consumers: Alabama Public Radio – Oct. 9

… Michael Innis-Jimenez, an American Studies professor at The University of Alabama, said electric vehicles, or EVs, are a big reason for the workers going on strike. “One of the other things that prompted the strike right now is the government-mandated switch to EVs, or electrical vehicles, means a lot of these plants are going to have to shift and retool,” he said. “So, there’s going to be some loss of jobs. What the union is asking for right now is that current workers will get priority in these new jobs and will be retrained into these new jobs to provide the kind of job security that auto workers have historically had.” Innis-Jimenez also said the worker benefits at the auto manufacturers from the pandemic have been scaled back, and the union is fighting back.

Israeli-Palestine Conflict

UA professor on Israel conflict: CBS 42 – Oct. 9

One University of Alabama professor is speaking out about the conflict in Israel giving insight on the humanitarian aspect of it… Dr. Daniel Levine told me he studies Israeli-Palestine relations so he knows all about the years long conflict between the two countries and the underlying issues that need to be resolved before a resolution is reached. 

Independent Voters

A blue state, but Massachusetts’ electorate has become something else: the cradle of independents: The Boston Globe – Oct. 11

… to not want to make that known,” said Enrijeta Shino, a University of Alabama assistant professor of American politics and coauthor of… 

Southern Accents

Young Americans are losing the southern accent: The Economist – Oct. 11

… Paul Reed, a linguist at The University of Alabama, notes that other research finds the accent more robust in rural areas. Metro Atlanta is not all of Georgia (though its boom and sprawl continues, and sometimes seems to threaten to consume the whole state). If some features of “Georgianness” decline from the accent, he says, it is entirely possible others will arise to replace them.

Kentuck Festival of the Arts

Kentuck Festival of the Arts returns to Northport for its 52nd year: Alabama Public Radio – Oct. 12

… The Kathryn Tucker Windham Spoken Word Stage will include work from The University of Alabama undergraduate creative writers… 

1984 Presidential Election

The Gipper in Tuscaloosa: When Ronald Reagan campaigned in 1984 in Alabama: The Tuscaloosa News – Oct. 12

… Reagan spoke to a packed house in Tuscaloosa and received an enthusiastic response from the crowd. UA’s Million Dollar Band played “Hail to the Chief” as Reagan entered and many in the audience waved American flags while chanting “Four more years.” In his speech, he touted his administration’s economic record with a reference to UA’s signature cheer.


University of Alabama names 2023 homecoming queen: Tuscaloosa News – Oct. 13

The University of Alabama on Friday night named Mae Farmer as the 2023 homecoming queen. Farmer, a senior from Nashville, Indiana, who is majoring in accounting and psychology, was set to be crowned during halftime of Saturday’s Alabama-Arkansas football game.