A&S in the News: September 24-30, 2023

The Gibbs-Green Tragedy

Jackson State College tragedy shared through photographs at the Paul R. Jones Museum: The Crimson White – Sept. 24

“May 1970: The Gibbs-Green Tragedy” at Jackson State College exhibition is a collection of photographs taken by Doris Derby… Emily Bibb is the curator at the Paul R. Jones Museum and has been working there for 11 years. She said the exhibit’s purpose is to further the knowledge of this tragedy and to give people the chance to appreciate Derby’s work. “There’s, I think, a real sort of mental acceptance that if you see a photograph, that’s something that’s real, it’s something that is authentic and it really took place,” Bibb said.

Congressional Map

New Congressional map for Alabama due in court today: Alabama Public Radio – Sept. 25

… Where is change likely to happen if a second black district becomes a reality? “And, that would be Barry Moore’s district,” said Doctor Richard Fording. He teaches Political Science at The University of Alabama. His area of expertise is voting. Fording is referring to Alabama Congressman Barry Moore. His serves in district two, which covers Montgomery and the southeastern corner of the state, known as the wiregrass region. It’s majority white right now and Republican. But, but Fording says maybe not for long… 

Venue and Studio Usage

Opinion | Students shouldn’t be charged extra for facilities: The Crimson White – Sept. 27

… Only a month into the semester, students in the theater and dance department discovered they would now be expected to pay if they wished to use the Dance Theatre, the Marian Gallaway Theatre or the Allen Bales Theatre. These facilities were free to use in semesters previous, but will now cost upward of $750 for a single day in Allen Bales and $1,000 for Marian Gallaway or the Dance Theatre.

Marion County Record

David T. Beito: Raid on small-town paper recalls FDR’s harassment: Scottsbluff Star Herald – Sept. 27

… Beito is a research fellow at the Independent Institute in Oakland, California, and a professor emeritus of history at The University of Alabama.

“Rocky Horror Picture Show”

Rocky Horror Picture Show musical coming to UA: WBRC Fox 6 – Sept. 28

‘Let’s do the time warp again’! The University of Alabama Department of Theatre and Dance has announced The Rocky Horror Picture show as its first musical of the season.

Moundville Native American Festival

Moundville hosting 35th Native American Festival Oct. 4-7: WVUA – Sept. 28

The University of Alabama’s Moundville Archaeological Park is hosting its 35th annual Native American Festival Oct. 4 through Oct. 7. During the event, the park becomes a “City of Life” in celebration of the cultures of Southeastern Native Americans.
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