A&S in the News: January 15-21, 2023

Gulf Coast Symphony

UA musical theatre professor performs with Gulf Coast Symphony: WLOX (Biloxi, MS) – Jan. 15

“We also have Luveda Harrison. She’ll be singing three spirituals.” Dr. Luvada Harrison, soprano soloist /University of Alabama: ”I truly know where my gift came from. When I have an opportunity ot honor god and share my gift, I feel I’m also honoring Doctor King.”

King-Lee Day

Two states still observe King-Lee Day, honoring Robert E. Lee with MLK: The Washington Post – Jan. 16

… King was born on Jan. 15, 1929; Lee was born on Jan. 19, 1807. Supporters of the joint recognition “usually argue that it is a practical way to celebrate two individuals’ lives who are important in the Deep South,” said John Giggie, an associate history professor and director of the Summersell Center for the Study of the South at The University of Alabama.
Arkansas Democrat-Gazette
The Seattle Times
Record Patriot

Inauguration Day

Inauguration of Alabama Governor Kay Ivey: MSN – Jan. 16

… University of Alabama Marching Band during the Inauguration Day parade on the steps of the Alabama State Capital Building in Montgomery, Ala, on Monday, Jan 16, 2023.
The Montgomery Advertiser

Classified Material

Questions grow over DOJ’s ‘different treatment’ of Biden and Trump in classified docs probes: New York Post – Jan. 18

… University of Alabama professor Luke Hunt, a former FBI special agent, told The Post the Justice Department may not have had probable cause to believe a crime was committed or national security was threatened. “The FBI’s mission is to protect the public and uphold the Constitution, which is typically accomplished through criminal and national security investigations involving federal law,” he said. “The unauthorized possession of classified material is obviously within the FBI’s purview, but their response will be constrained by the evidence they have.”

Women’s Leadership

HESSA holds women’s leadership program: The News (Pakistan) – Jan. 20

… The training programme included face-to-face workshops, a study tour to the University of Alabama… The programme was led by Dr. Susan Carvalho, Dean of Graduate School at The University of Alabama, and facilitated by US faculty Dr. Dana Patton, Dr. Karri Holley, Dr. Lisa Pawloski, and Dr. Delores Robinson.

Idaho Murders

UA criminal justice professor comments on Idaho murders: CNN (National) – Jan. 21

Let’s discuss now with Adam Lankford. He’s a professor of criminology and criminal justice at The University of Alabama. Adam, what do you make of all of these details, and how might they fit into a larger case?