A&S in the News: November 18-24, 2018

Sella-Granta Art Gallery

Art students offer their collegiate swan songsCrimson White – Nov. 19

While some students caroused on The Strip Friday night, two senior studio art majors were hunkered down in Sella-Granata Gallery. Inside a white-walled room, senior Caroline Japal, who has a primary concentration in photography with a secondary concentration in painting, was perched on a step stool with a measuring tape in hand. Music bounced around the room as Japal carefully marked the wall at 81 inches from the floor.

Heavy Elements

David Dixon
Dr. David Dixon

Very heavy elements deliver more electronsScience and Technology Research News – Nov. 19

Actinides, a series of 15 radioactive elements, are vital to medicine, energy, and national defense. Scientists examined two exceedingly rare actinides, berkelium and californium … Researchers show that berkelium and californium, two more elements in the actinide series (elements 89 to 103), have a surprisingly stable +5 oxidation state. The colorful central images illustrate the electron density between oxygen and the actinide in three different bonding symmetries.

Alabama Elections

Price tag for Alabama elections: $111 millionMontgomery Advertiser – Nov. 20

Candidates and political groups spent almost $111 million on this year’s political races in Alabama, a significant jump over 2014 powered in part by increases in competitive contests and a surge in direct giving to campaigns … “Doug Jones last year led some Democrats to believe a Democrat can win in Alabama,” said Richard Fording, a political science professor at The University of Alabama.

New Dance Studio

Tuscaloosa’s new 3D dance studio teaches everything from ballet to hip-hopTuscaloosa News – Nov. 21

When Gregg Russell was just beginning his career as a dancer, he received some advice he continues to use to this day. “Don’t wait for the job, get the job,” the longtime choreographer and tap instructor said … Leading up to the decision to start 3D, Tessa Russell recognized the growing strength of the dance community in Tuscaloosa, from The University of Alabama’s different dance programs to other studios that have opened across the city. Seeing a way they could offer something unique, the Russells took a risk and decided to start their own studio.

Reading Habits

Six scientific explanations behind your weird reading habits360 Nobs – Nov. 21

Whether you are the type that loves to sniff the pages of the book’s you read or you enjoy reading the last part of the book, then go back to the front, here are scientific explanations behind your weird reading habits … The University of Alabama’s Center for Academic Success lists this and the actual vocalization of words as reading habits to break, due to a slowing of reading speed. The way to stop is to put your fingers on your lips or vocal cords to be more aware of it.

Horn Quartet

UA horn quartet wins national competitionWVUA (Tuscaloosa) – Nov. 24

The capstone horn quartet, also known as “Tator and the Tots,” is The University of Alabama’s first horn quartet to win the international horn society summer symposium student amateur quartet competition.