A&S in the News: October 15-21, 2017


Kirsti Curry Rogers brings dinosaurs to life for studentsCrimson White – Oct. 15

A renowned vertebrate paleontologist addressed a full audience of University of Alabama students and faculty members on Thursday, speaking about her work studying dinosaurs. It was the second lecture in the ALLELE seminar series, which focuses on teaching the Alabama public about evolutionary sciences. “I am always happy to talk to people interested in science,” said speaker Kirsti Curry Rogers.

Josh Mandel

Why is this Jewish politician first in line for money from ‘Alt-Right’ conspiracy theorists?Forward.com – Oct. 15

Josh Mandel, a U.S. Senate candidate from Ohio, has agreed to accept the first endorsement from a new political fundraising group put together by conspiracy theorists, a move that deepens an unlikely relationship between a Jewish politician and the “alt-right,” an amorphous political movement that has anti-Semitic elements … But associating with Cernovich and Posobiec is not expected to create any political liability for Mandel, said University of Alabama assistant professor George Hawley, author of the recently published “Making Sense of the Alt-Right.”

Roy Moore

Can a red state blush?Anniston Star – Oct. 15

He thinks “homosexual conduct” should be illegal. He says Islam is a “false religion.” He was a birther, as recently as December … It’s unlikely any of that publicity will move the needle much in Alabama’s polls, political science experts in Alabama say. “Does anybody hear that and feel surprised?” said George Hawley, who teaches political science at The University of Alabama. “I think most people in Alabama think, ‘That sounds like something Roy Moore would say.’”

Trudier Harris

Dr. Trudier Harris
Dr. Trudier Harris

First black, tenured professor honoredNewport Daily Press – Oct. 17

Trudier Harris was the first black tenured faculty member at the College of William and Mary. She came back to the college on Sept. 28 for a lecture, and to receive an award recognizing her as an integral part of the college’s history … Harris later taught at the University of North Carolina, and currently is a professor at The University of Alabama.
Journal of Black in Higher Education – Oct. 16

University Singers

University Singers present concert of foreign language music on ThursdayCrimson White – Oct. 18

500 years ago this month, Martin Luther boldly slipped into the foggy cobblestone streets of Wittenberg. He walked up to the daunting black double doors of the All Saints’ Church, and defiantly nailed up a copy of his 95 Theses – propelling the Protestant Reformation and changing the course of religious and cultural history.  Tonight, University Singers will sing in reflection of the anniversary’s significance and attempt to similarly empower others to make change happen.

Human Trafficking

Community gathers for human trafficking forumCrimson White – Oct. 18

Nearly three months after Tuscaloosa Police conducted an investigation that led to 33 arrests in a prostitution bust, Tuscaloosa Police held a forum on human trafficking at Central High School Thursday night to educate Tuscaloosa residents on how victims can become trapped within the trafficking industry … Jasmine Knight, a senior criminal justice major at The University of Alabama, said that the forum was very informative and that she now has a better understanding of how women end up in the trafficking industry. “I’m part of the Criminal Justice Student Association and we’re really big on supporting efforts to end human trafficking and getting awareness out about the reality that these victims face,” Knight said.

Democratic Optimism

‘This is a rarity’: Democratic optimism swells in Alabama’s Senate race, Republicans unimpressedAl.com – Oct. 19

In DeKalb County, Donald Trump got 83.5 percent of the votes in the presidential election last November. This November, the senior citizens center in Fyffe is preparing to host the “biggest Democratic event we’ve ever had.” … Said William Stewart, a professor emeritus of political science at The University of Alabama and a longtime observer of state politics: “I believe the candidacy of Doug Jones has helped the Alabama Democratic Party, although not greatly.”

Gender Discrimination

Lecture explores gender discrimination, harassment at work, schoolCrimson White – Oct. 19

Students, many members of the faculty and others from various social organizations gathered in Gorgas 205 on Thursday. They came to hear Ellen Mayock talk about gender equality and sexual harassment in workplaces and on college campuses. Mayock, Ernest Williams II Professor of Spanish at Washington and Lee University, is the author of the novel Gender Shrapnel in the Academic Workplace, which her lecture is named after.

Stephen Paddock

Stephen Paddock’s Las Vegas hotel room won’t be rented out again, raising the question: What will happen to it?The Independent (U.K.) – Oct. 20

The hotel room from which Stephen Paddock gunned down almost 60 people at a music festival in Las Vegas will no longer be rented out to the public, the hotel has said … Adam Lankford, a professor of criminology at The University of Alabama, said MGM had the right idea in shutting down the hotel room. “I think not renting it out is good, but I think they shouldn’t call attention to that either,” Mr Lankford told The Independent. “The best thing would be to not rent it out, [and] if people call and ask which room it was, not to answer.”
Yahoo! – Oct. 20

Constitution Party

Republican candidate Roy Moore has longtime ally in Constitution PartyThe Anniston Star – Oct. 20

In December 2016, Republican judge Roy Moore spoke to a national meeting of party leaders in Huntsville. Only it wasn’t Republicans Moore was addressing. It was the Constitution Party, the right-wing third party that has long been a staunch Moore ally … “I’d say the time for anyone to raise that issue has passed,” said William Stewart, and emeritus professor of political science at The University of Alabama. “Roy Moore now has the endorsement of every Republican in the House delegation, and the endorsement of the state Republican Party chair.”