A&S in the News: February 11–17, 2017

Lesley Reid
Dr. Lesley Reid

CJ Chair Goes Viral

Recently, the Criminal Justice department’s Dr. Lesley Reid has seen her report, “”Urban Crime Rates and the Changing Face of Immigration: Evidence Across Four Decades,” go viral across many news outlets. Dr. Reid was one of several collaborators on the report, which concluded that immigrants tend to commit less crime than their native counterparts. A list of this week’s outlets that referenced the report follows:

Newsweek – Feb. 11

Psychology Today – Feb. 11

Democratic Underground – Feb. 11

WBFO 88.7 (Buffalo, New York) – Feb. 13

Iran Daily – Feb. 13

Futurity – Feb. 13

Time Warner Cable News – Feb. 13

Eurasia Review – Feb. 11

‘Devastating impact’: Why business groups oppose Alabama’s bathroom bill

Al.com – Feb. 11

An array of business and economic development groups are vocalizing their concerns about the Alabama version of a controversial restroom bill that plunged North Carolina into political chaos … The bill could have an uphill climb in Montgomery as blowback grows. “Having business interests against your bill is a definite minus in Alabama, especially if they are willing to do more than simply make a pro forma statement against it,” said William Stewart, professor emeritus of political science at the University of Alabama and a longtime observer of state politics. “Business is the primary source for many legislators in how they fund their campaigns. I think they would prefer that the committee to which it is referred to bottles it up.”

UA Theatre and Dance to premiere “The Philadelphia Story”

Crimson White – Feb. 11

When the curtains part on Valentine’s night, the audience of the Marian Gallaway Theatre will go back in time a little over 75 years as The University of Alabama’s theatre department performs “The Philadelphia Story” by 
Philip Barry. The Philadelphia Story is a romantic comedy written in 1939. The main role of Tracy Lord was originally envisioned for Katherine Hepburn.

PREVIEW: Legendary Jazz Musician to perform with UA Jazz Ensemble

Crimson White – Feb. 13

The music of jazz musician and composer Vinny Golia will be featured in the third concert of Sonic Frontiers’ “California Experiments” season. Golia is a composer and musician known for his work in free jazz and his ability to play eight different instruments.  WHO: The concert is open to the public and free of charge. The performance will be hosted by The University of Alabama’s Sonic Frontiers concert series in partnership with the School of Music’s Jazz Studies program. WHAT: The critically acclaimed Los Angeles Jazz composer Vinny Golia has combined with The University of Alabama’s Jazz Ensemble and other University based performers to create a collaborative jazz concert. The concert will consist of both large and small ensemble musical pieces intermixed with solos. Vinny Golia, the University’s Jazz Ensemble and UA-based musicians Chris Kozak, Andrew Raffo Dewar and Joe Berry will all be performing in the concert.

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