The Band in Wartime

Members of the 1945 band standing on a football field.

Members of the 1945 band take the field. The 1940s saw their share of hardship, from the Pearl Harbor attack and America’s involvement in WWII to the localized heartache of many UA students gone to war. The 1944 Corolla notes the effect of their absence on the Million Dollar Band, calling it “another casualty.” The band was replaced by the Army Air Corps and A.S.T.P. bands, and students saw army khaki overtake the familiar crimson and white uniforms. But just two years later, the 1946 yearbook announced that the band was “fast regaining its strength with the peace” and that the MDB “owes its life … to the girls who gallantly filled the places left by boys called away.” Image courtesy of University Libraries Division of Special Collections. […]

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