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A&S Academic Misconduct Cases: Packet Submission Guidelines

In accordance with University policy, all allegations of academic misconduct should be reported immediately upon discovery. The Dean’s Office should receive a completed academic misconduct packet normally no later than three weeks from the date the alleged misconduct occurred. Delays in submitting the completed packet to the Dean’s Office can result in automatic dismissal of the case. Dean’s Office staff will not locate, print, or highlight items for you. Be aware of the following:
  • If multiple students are involved, make multiple copies of all paperwork.
  • Retain email communications between instructor and students at least until the end of the semester, if not longer.
  • Do not confront the student about your suspicions, do not accuse them of academic misconduct or state to them that you believe they cheated or plagiarized. If the student asks about the assignment, use the following language; “There is a question about your paper/assignment. I have forwarded it to the Dean’s Office, and they will contact you.”

Completed packets should be submitted electronically to in a single pdf file. If there is hard copy material necessary to resolving the case, this may be delivered to Clark Hall, to the attention of the appropriate divisional academic dean.

What to Include

The academic misconduct packet must include the following:

  1. A memo to the divisional associate dean that includes the following information:
    • student name & CWID
    • instructor contact information (office and cell phone numbers, email addresses)
    • course # and section #
  2. The assignment in question, with the problematic areas highlighted.
  3. In the case of plagiarism, include the plagiarized material.
    • From a website: Print out the material, include the web address (URL), and highlight the relevant material pertaining to the assignment. Label each printed website source (Source 1, Source 2, etc.) on the assignment and on the plagiarized source itself.
    • From another student’s paper: Provide copies of both students’ papers and highlight plagiarized material in both papers.
  4. Other evidence: screenshots, note cards used for test, scrap paper, emails (if applicable), etc.
  5. Turnitin report from the assignment, if available, for all students involved.
  6. The assignment instructions.
  7. The course syllabus.

[rev. 3.11.14]

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