Michael Moore

Alumnus Michael Moore is about to disrupt the world of biopsies. As the CEO and co-founder of Med Kairos, Moore and his colleagues have created an algorithm-based camera that identifies and counts cancerous cells from biopsy samples—a process that was previously done manually. The camera is expected to save hospitals and their patients both countless […]

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Koushik Kassanagotu

As the conversation on healthcare continues to heat up on national and local scales, innovative minds like Koushik Kasanagottu are dedicated to entering the primary care field and changing the narrative of healthcare infrastructure and availability in the United States. Kasanagottu’s medical career is dedicated to focusing on rural areas with inadequate healthcare providers, and […]

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Briana Kinsey

Pageantry started as a confidence booster for middle-school-aged Briana Kinsey. Now, at 24, she is the reigning Miss District of Columbia, she finished third-runner-up at Miss America, and she has earned upwards of $60,000 in scholarships in the process. “Competing for Miss America was one of those dreams I had kind of moved on from,” […]

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