“Yea Alabama”

Members of the 1925 Million Dollar Band standing on and in front of a steam train.

On their way to play Florida at Montgomery, Alabama’s Cramton Bowl, members of the 1925 band posed on and in front of the train that would take them there. (Final score: Alabama 34, Florida 0.)

During the 1920s, as the nation celebrated victory in WWI, the University honored those lost in the war by dedicating 27 trees as “living memorials.” Oak trees were chosen as a nod to Tuscaloosa’s alias, “Druid City,” a reference to the many oaks planted throughout the city. The acquisition of the trees was financed by a band concert, sponsored by the American Forestry Association of Washington, D.C.

That same decade, the newly christened Million Dollar Band learned a freshly composed fight song, “Yea, Alabama,” and picked up its second director (the band was student-led from Wittig’s 1917 departure until 1927): Captain H. H. Turner, who led the band until 1934. Image copyright Bettman/CORBIS; used with permission. […]

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