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The Power of Music

It’s not uncommon for babies in the neonatal intensive care unit, or NICU, at DCH Regional Medical Center to weigh less than three pounds, or little more than a bottle of water. With infants less than 28 weeks of age, their lungs aren’t fully developed, and the very thing keeping them alive—breathing machines that force oxygen into their lungs—can also cause significant damage over time to their lung tissue and vision. Lowering supplemental oxygen levels even slightly can have tremendous […]

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Two Roads Converged

Dr. Eric Weisbard knows first-hand that the 1990s were a great decade to be writing about popular music. After all, he worked as a rock critic for New York City’s Spin magazine and The Village Voice in the years following the rock band Nirvana’s surge in popularity, which paved the way for hundreds of alternative bands nationwide to receive unprecedented, widespread recognition for their music. At the time, people lived and died over questions of musical authenticity across all genres, […]

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