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Emily Baschab ’22, Physics

Emily Baschab is a physics major with minors in mathematics, the Randall Research Scholars Program, and the Blount Scholars Program. A junior from Dallas, TX, she plans to pursue a PhD in physics and become a researcher in an applied field. How did you choose your major? I always knew I wanted to pursue a career in science. I chose physics after enjoying physics classes in high school. I love the potential for discovery and the intellectual challenge this major […]

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In Detecting Particle, UA Researchers Help Prove 60-Year-Old Theory

From the UA News Center | Two researchers from The University of Alabama are part of an international project that detected a cosmic interaction never observed before, but predicted 60 years ago. Drs. Dawn Williams and Marcos Santander, both in the UA Department of Physics and Astronomy, are co-authors on a paper published in Nature that details how a massive telescope buried in an Antarctic glacier detected the moment a high-energy particle called an electron antineutrino, hurtling to Earth from outer space at close to the […]

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Cole Stewart ’22, Physics & Mathematics

Cole Stewart

Cole Stewart is a physics and mathematics double major on the graduate school track. A junior from Tuscaloosa, AL, he plans to pursue a PhD in physics after graduation. How did you choose your major?  I chose to major in physics due to my interest in research, which arises from my desire to ambitiously try to answer the huge, overarching questions in our universe (although realistically to just get a better grasp of them), such as the composition of our […]

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The Art of Adaptation

Student studying in classroom

From the 2020 Collegian |This year has been one for the books. As COVID-19 changed major aspects of everyday life, faculty were faced with a unique challenge: how to adapt their classes to maximize safety and educational experience. “It was kind of an interesting intellectual challenge,” said Dr. William Keel, an astronomy professor at UA. “We had to think through the logistics: How do we do this? How do we preserve the core of the experience for students with all […]

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Physics Graduate Student Selected for Prestigious Department of Energy Program

From the October 2020 Desktop News | Casey Cartwright, a PhD candidate in physics at UA, was selected as one of 52 national awardees of the Department of Energy’s Office of Science Graduate Student Research program. This program allows graduate students in science, math, engineering, and technology to conduct research in one of the DOE laboratories. Here, students have the opportunity to use state-of-the-art resources and collaborate with esteemed scientists to further their knowledge in their field. Cartwright, whose research […]

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