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Two UA Professors Get Boost with NSF CAREER Awards

From the Winter 2019 Collegian | The nation’s most prestigious recognition of top-performing young scientists was recently awarded to a biologist and a physicist at UA. The National Science Foundation granted a CAREER Award to Dr. Paulo T. Araujo, UA assistant professor of physics and astronomy, and Dr. Kevin M. Kocot, UA assistant professor of biological sciences and curator of invertebrate zoology in the Alabama Museum of Natural History. With the funding from the awards, Araujo will seek to understand […]

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Dr. Jeffrey Lozier poses with a butterfly net.

From the Winter 2019 Collegian | Outside of Dr. Jeffrey Lozier’s tent in the mountains of Sequoia National Park, a fresh layer of snow awaits the group of scientists about to embark on their day’s journey. The below-freezing temperatures and few flakes still falling make it difficult to leave the minimal warmth of his polyester shelter, even in layers of heavy clothes. In this cold climate, it’s difficult to remember that it’s the middle of May. There’s nothing remotely resembling […]

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