Peer Coach Participants


As a participant, there are specific rules that you have to adhere to in order to continue to utilize the peer coaching services. These rules have been outlined below:

  • You must be willing to meet at a location that has computer access.
  • You must be open to allowing your peer coach review your blackboard for your grades and class attendance (when applicable)
  • You must be available to meet at least once every other week and make alternative arrangements if you are unable to meet.
  • You must notify your coach whenever you are going to be late or if you will be missing an appointment. It is your responsibility to work with your coach to reschedule your appointment
  • You must be willing to adhere to a signed agreement


  • Academic
  • Non-Academic
  • Tips for Success
  • Referral


Center for Academic Success

CAS provides academic support designed to improve students’ academic performance. Programs and services are provided to help undergraduate students improve study techniques, improve reading proficiencies, and help achieve success in UA courses, among other things.

Location: Russell Hall, room 302
Hours: Monday–Thursday, 8:00am–9:00pm; Fridays, 8:00am–4:45pm
(205) 348-8054
(205) 348-8303

The Mathematics Technology Learning Center (MTLC)

Math lab is a state-of-the-art program that assists students in the active learning of mathematics. This is accomplished through a computer lab/tutoring center open over 60 hours per week for one-on-one tutoring and using technology to allow students to work at their own pace, receive instant feedback as they learn mathematics by doing mathematics, learn from a variety of formats, and receive encouragement from their instructors regarding course progress.

Location: B-1 Tutwiler Hall
Hours: Monday–Thursday, 8:00am–8:00 pm; Friday, 8:00am – 4:30pm
Open Tutoring Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 8:00am–8:00pm; Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00–8:00 pm; Friday, 8:00am–4:30pm
Test Week Open Tutoring Hours: Monday–Thursday, 5:00–8:00 pm

Philosophy Free Tutoring

The Department of Philosophy offers free individual and group tutorial services for the following classes: PHL 100, PHL 104, PHL 221, PHL 223, and PHL 292.

Location: 336 ten Hoor Hall
Hours: Check the website for availability.
(205) 348-7904

The Writing Center

The Writing Center provides free one-on-one consultations for UA students in all disciplines. We help students build confidence as writers, revise drafts, and develop the skills necessary for long-term improvement. We offer feedback on any kind of writing, whether it is personal, professional, or academic. Students can bring their draft in at any stage in the process and get help with brainstorming, understanding an assignment, researching a topic, drafting, revising, working with sources, or improving their grammar & style. The Writing Center also provides consultations to help faculty members create effective writing assignments and incorporate writing instruction into their classes.

Location: 322 Lloyd Hall
Hours: Monday-Thursday, 9am-6pm; Friday, 9am-3pm (closed for exam week and university holidays)
Phone: (205) 348-5049


Crossroads Community Engagement Center

UA’s Crossroads Community Engagement Center is an initiative of the Division of Community Affairs. Crossroads fosters respectful intercultural engagement for students, faculty and staff, and community members throughout the state by facilitating: workshops, dialogues, and collaborative programming.

Location: Ferguson Student Center, room 3617.
Phone: (205) 348-6930

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center helps students achieve academic success and personal growth through quality brief counseling and psychological services, outreach, and consultative services, and the training of mental health professionals.

Location: 3000 South Lawn Office Building
Hours: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, 8:00am–5:00pm; Tuesday, 9:00am–5:00pm
Phone: 205-348-3863

Student Care and Well-Being

The Student Care and Well-Being provides assistance and case management for students in crisis and outreach to parents and families. The staff in this area coordinates a range of services to assist students with issues and concerns that may interfere with their academic success by providing emergency assistance and loans, providing meals for students in need, helping students notify their instructors about absences due to unforeseen circumstances, among others.

Location: 2500 Ferguson Student Center
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00am–4:45pm
(205) 348-5454

Office of Student Involvement

Office of Student Involvement students in finding opportunities to be engaged and connect with the academic, local, and global community. Through a series of engagement initiatives, as well as efforts to support targeted student populations, Student Involvement seeks to make a large campus feel smaller, by overseeing the following programs: Get on Board Day, First Generation Week, Out of State Student Welcome Social, Graduate Student Appreciation Week, Lavender Graduation, and Honor Society Preview Day, among others.

Location: 3610 Ferguson Student Center
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00am–4:45pm
(205) 348-6114

Women and Gender Resources Center

The WGRC provides free confidential, and voluntary counseling and advocacy services to members of The University of Alabama community who are victims/survivors of interpersonal violence.  Services are also provided to family and friends who have been impacted by the abuse, to Shelton State students, and to anyone who is victimized on The University of Alabama campus.

Location: South Lawn Office Building, 1101 Jackson Ave, Tuscaloosa, Al 35487
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00am–4:45pm
(205) 348-5040
Crisis Line: (205) 348-5454 (Outside of normal hours, call the University Police Department, and ask to speak to the WGRC advocate)

Office of Veteran and Military Affairs

VMA helps to provide, facilitate, or coordinate programs and services to meet the special needs of veterans, service members, dependents, and survivors in order to ease their transition to college life and fulfill their educational goals. VMA’s vision is to help make The University of Alabama the “University of Choice” for all student veterans, service members, dependents, and survivors by being recognized nationally as a “Military and Veteran Friendly University”. Through VMA, you could be eligible for a paid tutor, work-study, scholarships, free textbooks, free printing, and other useful tools and resources.

Location: 3000 Houser Hall
Hours: Monday–Friday, 8:00am–4:45pm
(205) 348-0983

Tips for Success

Show up to every class.

Being present for every class leads to one succeeding in their classes. Skipping classes is the easiest way to miss information on current and future topic and deadlines. Additionally, attendance is mandatory for some courses.

Find someone a partner in each class.

Life happens, and you may need help with notes or a study buddy. Having a friend in your class makes homework and studying less burdensome. You and your friend(s) can form study groups and share notes for everyone to succeed.

Stay organized.

Planning and organizing class assignments, tests, and projects for the semester allows you to be prepared for the semester. It also promotes time management during the busy school year.

Ask questions.

Ask as many questions you need in order to understand the course material. Asking questions in class allows for your professor to elaborate more on the topic discussed; and you may be helping other students who wanted to ask a similar question. Lastly, questions emphasize an area or topic you need to study for the class.


If you would like to refer a student to us who you think would benefit from the Peer Coaching Program, please complete the Referral Form.