Meet the Peer Coaches


My name is Ryan Davey, and I am from Oswego, IL. My major is Political Science. I am interested in the peer coaching program in order to create a better environment for my fellow UA students. I love to be able to help others who are struggling so that we can all become the best versions of ourselves.







I am Mikayla C. Wyatt, from Stockbridge, GA. I am a senior majoring in English and Political Science. I chose to take part in this program to help my fellow colleagues implement certain skills that can assist them in reaching academic excellence.




My name is Gisselle Colin and I’m from McCalla, Alabama. I am double majoring in Spanish and Political Science and double minoring in Psychology and International Studies. A passion of mine is to empower people to learn new skills and to reach their fullest potential. For some students, going to college is stressful and scary and knowing that I am able to grant them the slightest bit of comfort fills me with joy. Being a part of the Peer Coaching Program is a way for me to give back to the place that has given me so much.



My name is Chloe Keck I am originally from right outside of Knoxville, Tennessee. I am a Biology and Latin double major with a minor in Evolutionary Studies. I joined the PCP because I am passionate about mentoring and leadership. I want to be able to positively impact other students and make their experience at The University impactful, meaningful, and beneficial. I believe every person has immense potential, and I believe the PCP helps students utilize the resources on campus in order to pursue a successful academic career!



My name is Brantley Oldenburg, and I am from Mobile, Alabama. I am a double major in Psychology and Addiction & Recovery. I chose to participate in the Peer Coaching Program for a few reasons. First, I love the idea of a mentor. Everyone needs help and guidance no matter how old or advanced, and I believe having someone to help you on campus is a valuable tool that can only positively influence one’s time here at the Capstone. Also, I believe the specific role of a peer mentor is even more effective because taking guidance from someone who is experiencing similar classes and campus life can offer a new perspective for someone as opposed to an authority figure.




My name is Madison Flores, and I am from Lake Zurich, Il. I am majoring in Political Science and American Studies and minoring in Civic Engagement and Leadership. I want to be able to make every student feel like UA is their home and help them reach their full academic potential!



I am Eternity Hayes, and I’m from Daleville, AL. I major in Psychology. I chose to participate as a peer coach to ensure that I am doing my part to prevent students from going through what I did as a freshman. Coming into college I was lost and confused and I was not aware of the resources that were available to me. Due to this, I struggled but I pulled through. Often times, the classes are not what overwhelm students but instead it is the environment and lack of knowledge of their resources.  Peer Coaching has the potential to bring opportunities, as well as the potential to address many of the challenges that students face.