How A&S Advising Works

Find Your Advisor

Every student in the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S) has two advisers:

  • a general advisor based in the A&S Student Services Center
  • a major advisor, usually a professor in the department of your major (also called a faculty or departmental advisor)

You’ll see each of these advisors at different points in your academic career. Visit Get Advised for information on making an appointment with your advisor.

When You’ll Meet with Your Advisor

Freshman year (0 to 30 credit hours)

First semester: You’ll launch your academic career at Bama Bound, the University’s orientation program. That’s when you’ll register for your first semester’s classes and have your first meeting with an adviser from the College of Arts and Sciences Student Services Center.

Second semester: All first-year students who have not declared majors within the College or who are unsure of their major choice are advised in the A&S Student Services Center.

If you have declared a major you will work with your major advisor within your major field.

Sophomore year (31 to 60 credit hours)

After you declare a major: Each October and February until you graduate, you’ll meet with your major adviser to discuss your schedule for the upcoming semester(s). This advisor is also the person who will clear you for registration (i.e., authorize you to register).

If you’re still undecided: Your college advisor will meet with you to discuss your academic progress and clear you for registration.

Junior year (61 to 90 credit hours)

Continue to meet with your major advisor for registration.

When you’ve completed 70–80 credit hours, use DegreeWorks to assess your progress toward a degree. This is a great time to take this step because you’ve still got a few semesters in which to make up deficiencies. If you have any questions about your coursework, talk to your major advisor or college advisor as soon as possible.

Senior year (91+ credit hours)

Continue to meet with your major advisor for registration.

The semester before the semester in which you plan to graduate (for May graduates, that would be the fall semester), you must complete the application for graduation, which is available through myBama, under the Student tab.