Advising Sessions

Advising Dates and Times

Throughout the semester students will have the opportunity to work with an academic advisor for an advising session. Seeing a professional academic advisor in A&S is not limited to course registration. We encourage A&S majors/minors to speak with an advisor in the Arts & Sciences Student Services Center with any academic questions or concerns, and appointments are best for this.

Who can get advised?

Our advising appointments are primarily for first-year students and those who are questioning their major or minor choice.  If you are a first-semester student at Alabama during the Fall of 2020, you should meet with the advisor from your summer Bama Bound Orientation 2020. After the first year, students who are confident in their major should speak with their major/faculty advisor about course registration. All Arts and Sciences major departments will be advising students from March 15 through April 9.

What can I expect?

These are opportunities for students to meet with an advisor to discuss classes, have their advising hold/PIN lifted, and work on an academic plan. Students must come prepared with a list of courses or ideas for next semester. This requires preparation prior to attending your advising session. If you wish to discuss course planning students must make an appointment versus logging in for On-Call Advising.

What types of advising are there?

We have several different advising types:

  1. Advising by Appointment: You will need to schedule a virtual appointment with one of our advisors at least 24 hours in advance. Visit our Make an Appointment page now to do so. Advising by Appointment is the only means to have a registration hold/PIN cleared. Students have the option to pick their advisor, and appointments vary between 15-minute and 30-minute slots.
  2. On-Call Advising: Students do not need an appointment and will see whichever advisor is on-call for that afternoon. These sessions run 5 – 10 minutes with quick questions, depending on your individual situation. Wait times will vary depending on peak advising times throughout the semester. Advisors do not advise/clear registration holds in these sessions. On-call advising is held virtually every day from 1:00-3:00pm. Details can be found by visiting our On-Call Advising page.
  3. Via Email: Students with quick questions may also reach out via email either directly to their advisor or to our office at We will answer your question or get you connected with an advisor. Registration hold/PIN clearing will occur by email at the discretion of your Advisor depending on your academic standing. 

What is expected of me?

To be prepared for your appointment remember the P.R.E.P. acronym:

  1. Plan a list of courses and questions based on (your reviewing of) your Degree Works progress.
  2. Reach out to the Student Services Center at to schedule an advising/course registration meeting with your advisor
  3. Engage with your advisor to determine a realistic action plan (to reach your goals)
  4. Perform the action plan through specific tasks discussed during your meeting (ex: course registration, internship, shadowing, etc.)

When and where will I be advised for Summer/Fall 2021 courses?

The Spring 2021 semester will begin with virtual only advising.  As we gain a better understanding of COVID protocols this spring, we may begin to incorporate face to face advising as an option.  Please pay attention to The College of Arts and Sciences updates on this.

Students can meet with an academic advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences on days when UA is open for business hours:

  • Mornings (8:00am-12:00pm): Appointment Only
  • Afternoons (1:00pm-4:30pm): Appointment or On-Call Advising from 1:00-3:00pm

Who is my advisor?

Not sure who your advisor is? In the College of Arts and Sciences (A&S), every student has two advisors:

  • general advisor based in the A&S Student Services Center
    • If you are a first or second-semester student this Spring 2021, you should meet with the advisor you worked with during Bama Bound Orientation.
  • a major advisor, usually a professor in the department of your major (also called faculty advisor or departmental advisor)
    • All Arts and Sciences major departments will be advising students at least from March 15 through April 9.

Your individual circumstances determine which advisor to contact. Learn more by reading How A&S Advising Works.